Wednesday, May 25, 2011

jeremiah 50:33-34 (for my girl)

my inadequacy for this job
(mentoring my girl)
had never been
more apparent than
the last phone call
her soul is rent
and her sobs
rend mine
but reading jeremiah
uncovered truth -
she has a redeemer
who is. not. me.
i am called
this is what the LORD almighty
she is oppressed
all her captors hold her
refusing to let her go
yet her redeemer is
the LORD almighty is his name
he will
vigorously defend her
so that he may bring

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  1. I have deceived myself in the past, thinking I was supposed to save. How quickly my inequities were apparent. For He is mighty. I am not.

  2. It's so hard to acknowledge that sometimes! I know God put within us mother's a desire to watch over our kids...and yet there is a place of acknowledging Him as the One in control.

    BTW...I didn't realize you had older children...your picture makes me think you're younger than me! You look amazing!

  3. AMK - you're my new best friend! my older son is 15. the girl i write about is not my child, but a teenager who is battling anorexia. i am her mentor.

  4. This is so beautiful and so full of truth. Thank you for sharing.

  5. kendal, i feel like i know this but still have to learn it over and again. so much truth and relief and redemption in this.

  6. what an excellent thing it is when we point our children and spiritual children to the only One who can give them the strength to fight these battles. Praying for your girl today. And for you as hard as it is to wait, pray and hope like crazy this time will be different.

  7. oh, kendal, yes... something i have to remind myself of, over and over. we are all beggars; it's just, some of us have found the bread, and are showing the others where it is.

  8. "yet her Redeemer is strong..." thank you for that reminder...

  9. thank you for the beautiful reminder! came over from Casey's. I would be a new follower if Goggle was ever working ;) I'll try back later.
    I'll be praying for her.

  10. This is good - a poetic way of saying what every helper "knows" but sometimes has trouble "remembering"....thanks for the reminder!


  11. beautiful post!
    I am participating this week at Studio JRU too.. so fun and happy friday to you! xo hugs fr fargo bonitarose

  12. Lovely words, Kendal; full of Truth. So glad to visit here today :)

  13. I get what you're saying about you not being the One to save...but I still think you are too hard on yourself -- He is saving through you!

  14. Beautiful...the lives you touch by just being you.

  15. We are called to love, not save. Wow... beautiful, powerful words Kendal. Thank you for that reminder. She is blessed to have your loving heart in her life!

  16. I agree...really powerful...especially with growing sons (turning 18 & 20). I needed this today. I am realizing with the pain in my stomach of trying to not worry that I do worry too much. I need to let go of that self-savior mothering and let Jehovah Jireh have His fitting place (do I squish His influence right out of the picture some times? ouch.)
    Well, obviously your words hit a chord in me!

    Thank you for your inspiration today! Junelle

  17. oh, how i needed to read this, right now, at this very moment. what a temptation it is to forget. . . to feel so very much like I am the only hope. but i am NO hope at all, really. it is truly only HIM through me that is able to do anything. thank you, thank you for sharing. have a blessed weekend!

  18. Love it! So thankful that her redeemer is mighty to save!...and that you get to be a witness to that mighty work of God!!!

  19. Lovely words about truth.

    He is mighty to save!

  20. for sure this is something that is so hard to keep at the forefront of our minds especially because so many people need to see it in a person before they can reach for GOD. But how to do that...

  21. thank you, thank you, thankful for these words. amen and amen.