Sunday, July 24, 2011

the 19-year list

our friends' daughter and new husband
the wedding was beautiful -
smiling and vows
unity candle
sweet embrace
her dad married them
he married us, too
chris and i,
arms around each other,
watched our boys
play horseshoes
at the reception
and i was thinking that
i know we are solid
but the list?
19 years in?
looks more like...
air conditioner on the car broken, again
checking account strained
the car we bought for hank not doing so well
garden ravaged by raccoons
water heater not heating water
one of the cats gone missing
we're not riding in on a horse-drawn carriage
with a crowd of loved ones cheering us on
chris and i,
arms around each other,
watching our boys
play horseshoes
at the reception
know that we are solid
without even saying it
to have and to hold?
in sickness and in health?
for better or worse?

and for these i am thankful:

263. my girl, the one i mentor, coming home!
264. a week with my family
265. my friend karrie had her baby!
266. the water heater is fixed
267. a handy husband
268. raccoons not liking my tomatoes
269. a cat, found
270. eagle scout ceremonies
271. my brother, cam, presenting eagle scout awards

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  1. What a treasure you see, in the midst of trials...and often because of the trials,the love that endures.

  2. Yup, that sounds familiar. But that's true love after 19 (or in our case, nearly 14) years. You tell it, and live it, well.

    And your list...your girl coming home. Praise be!

  3. I love, love, love this, Kendal!

    Living love is awesome. It's real - highs and lows that make the highs all the better. We've done it for 33 years, and the memories just make it richer.

  4. 19 years married. that is testimony to the faithfulness of God. such a gift! blessings

  5. Beautiful Kendal! Couldn't agree with you more after 13 years. I will... such wonderful words! #263... yay!! Love a handy husband. Eagle scout ceremonies are SO great! :)

  6. So, your name came up multiple times this weekend. Really.

  7. It really did. We all lamented that you were not there.

    As for this fine piece of writing, it always amazes me how the strength of love can easy the anxiety that can daily threaten to overtake the heart.

  8. This is beautiful Kendal...I love the comparison of the new and the many years...both so special :)

    One of my favorite things is coming to see your list of gratitude. It always blesses my heart!

  9. Oh, i love this. "we're not riding in on a horse-drawn carriage..." but still so beautiful. so good.

  10. We are celebrating our 33rd anniversary this year, and I'm in tears over your beautiful post. So true. My favorite part:
    "...know that we are solid
    without even saying it...

  11. Oh how beautiful and what a wonderful reminder to me because I too feel the weight of those lists that never seem to go away. Love your writing. Love it.

  12. beautiful. I love the picture your words painted in my mind's eye.

  13. It is a sweet thing . . . this thing called marriage ~ despite the crazy list.


  14. Reading some of the paradoxes in your list, it occurs to me that those things that might threaten the solidity of our relationships are sometimes the very things that make them more whole...and more holy.

  15. Lovely! We've only been married nine years, but many items on your list are familiar. I just love the image you created.

    And by the way, rabbits have attacked my garden. They're lucky they are so cute. :)