Friday, March 23, 2012

on filling and pouring and loud

writing for five minutes on loud

enjoying a time of
solitude and silence
before my students arrive on the hall
and it's my filling time
because when those doors open
i. am. poured. out.
but their thirteen-year-old voices are not the only loud
their needs
scream for attention
so many suffer
fill me, lord
then pour me out

my teacher self wrote an article over at the teacher's lounge. check it out - here.

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  1. fill me, then pour me out... oh i love that kendal! beautifully said!

  2. oh girl, the strength it must require to fill a room full of loud needs, every day... the compassion, too. may Jesus be ever nearer to you. and may you know quiet, in the deepest parts of you. xo