Sunday, August 19, 2012

my mom and dad, on saturday

and this was my dad on saturday
one blue sock, one black
asleep in his chair
one hand fluttering,
the other resting on a half-eaten nutty bar
that had fallen to his chest
he startled awake
and knew me and his place
he finished his nutty bar while
asking about the boys and chris
and this was my dad on saturday
in his earth body
that aches
doesn't do as it's told
and this was my mom on saturday
robe and slippers
blue bandanna tied on the side
covering her hairless head
she welcomed me to the new chair
in the living room and
asked about the boys and chris
this was my mom on saturday
in her earth body
that's tired from
cancer and chemo
and i feel some sad about
their earth bodies
with the aches and pains and loss
but what glorious hope i heard
from the pulpit today
if there is a natural body
there is a spiritual body....
and just as we have borne
the likeness of the earthly man,
so shall we bear the likeness of the

continuing to count his gifts to 1000-

738. eggs from our six hens
739. finding eggs, easter-egg-hunt style
740. impromptu finley family party
741. grading papers
742. happy facebook messages from my girl, the one i mentor
743. my football boys' safety
744. chocolate chip cookie dough for second breakfast
745. husband beside me

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  1. I hear the ache in your voice. Watching those we love get old can be painful. Watching ourselves get old...painful too. But yes, clinging to the joy of the spiritual bodies. Always seeking and finding grace...

  2. Beautifully written.
    descriptions that put photos in our minds of every dear family and caring....thank you.

  3. This brought me to tears. So beautifully written. Thank you for this.

  4. Beautiful post, Kendall! I enjoy and appreciate your transparent heart.

    Have a blessed Monday...

  5. oh...beautiful...and is hard to watch our parents strong,vibrant bodies grow more frail. blessings~

  6. This hit close to home. My grandmother is dying of cancer. Except she does not know it yet. My dad's family does not want to tell her. She thinks she is done with chemo. The doctor says there is no more chemo for her. Beautifully written.

  7. It's hard, I know. My parents are still in good health but my Daddy will be 80 in January and it's just hard to think of them getting older.

    Prayer and thoughts for all you!!

  8. Oh, yes, amen to that. One day all those troubles will be gone and we will in those bodies that bear his likeness.

  9. Yes, the aging process so difficult to watch and be a part of. We can remember the yesterdays as they move us into the tomorrows. Then we will be ready to release and say Good bye.

  10. oh, hearing your ache, and also the hope in Him of our new glorious bodies in Him...I wrote about dad today...blessings, Kendal...may God encourage you and your parents.

  11. Beautiful. I ache sometimes to see my parents age. Still fairly healthy after cancers,etc. I've been asking my parents bits and pieces of their lives to preserve it my children/grandchildren.

  12. God bless your hurting, precious heart.

  13. much of life is for us. I miss my parents and remember their suffering those final years/days in their human bodies. Thanks for your sweet poetry. Gail (BibleLoveNotes)

  14. This is lovely. I really do hate what time does to age the body. And what hope we have in the spirit, dancing and alive inside like the first day we found Him.

  15. Amazing perspective. Absolutely life changing things happen when we focus on the hope that is the Gospel.

  16. Beautifully yet bittersweet. Your words melted my heart....

  17. Good words and I agree, it's hard to watch our parents age but what glorious hope we have!

  18. I'm with Jean...beautiful and bittersweet. Love your way with words...and your heart.

  19. beauty and truth and hope
    thank you