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February 07, 2013

S.O.S (Sponsor Our School) for our Christian school.
“Colegio Biblico Cristiano”

Dear Friends and Family,

For many years our school has offered a great service to our community, helping parents to educated their children in academic skills and Christian values.  Our school is the only formal elementary christian school in town, and it needs your help to survive in this rapidly changing Dominican society.  In the last ten years Dominican schools have been changing. Schools are being remodeled and modernized.  The length of the school day is being increased. Schools  provide for their students books, uniforms  breakfast and lunch.  

These changes mean a lot  for many families. Unfortunately this is drawing out many of our students every year.  There is no way  we can stop this, there's no way we can offer all the benefits, that the public system is offering.  But what our christian school  can  offer are spiritual values, that our society desperately needs.   Our school has offered to the community good education for their children,  loving teachers, that despite all adversity are guiding the children not only in knowledge, but to know God the way of love. 

We want our school to succeed; We know that the worst thing that can happen to any country is: “people with knowledge but without  values”. Our school´s not only teaching language, technology or math, it’s also teaching the children and their families to love God, we are helping them understand that God loves them and that we are meant to love one another.  With your support, we can keep on doing it!  How can you help our school?  We have identified areas that we need to improve: We need to increase the number of students, improve teacher´s academic skills, improve furniture and building conditions.  For that, we need money and human resources.  

First area:  Children.
For the next school year, the monthly tuition for every child will be $30.00 Dollars, you can sponsor our school with one full scholarship ($30.00) or half scholarship ($15.00) we are going to use the money for the child who most needs it every year according to their needs, you will receive a letter, and a picture of the child or children that we are helping with your donation.

Second area:  Teachers.
One of our main goals is to improve our teacher´s quality, that can be done by trainings in different areas like math and reading, lesson planning and classroom discipline. For these classes we have estimated $10.00 dollars for each class, which will be $40.00 dollars per teacher to receive the  whole training during next summer vacation.  Our school has 14 teachers that can be blessed with that training. You can support one teacher for the complete training ($40.00) or one class ($10.00).

Third area:  Our Building
We have a nice strong building, but also quite old.  Our building desperately needs painting, some doors, new fence, new furniture, more bathrooms and many many school supplies. This can be done throughout  missionary groups that can work with us.  At church we will very blessed to host you. We have a great team of people that are willing to serve. 

The best, most cost-efficient way for now to send money is through our dollar account in Tennessee.  If this ministry has touched your heart, please contact us  in our e-mail adress or call us  at  809-521-5282.

May God guide as you read this letter, we believe that our christian school is a wonderful  way to spread the Gospel and build a better society with high values which will change for the good of the Dominican Republic. Attached ,you can see some pictures off our school and our family.

Bienvenido, Elizabeth, Patricia, Daniel and Nehemias D´Meza
A family serving God in the Dominican Republic

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