Tuesday, April 6, 2010

small things?

and these have made me happy
  1. deer didn't eat any of my flowers last night - i put dirty laundry and Jack's disgusting cleats out....
  2. chris's uncle and aunt are coming in from VA tonight
  3. my sons made a rock border around one of my gardens
  4. my twin visited sunday and monday - i wore my hair in a ponytail last night to remember her!
  5. i saw three tiny kittens today
  6. i get to bring the kittens to my house in a few weeks
  7. Courtney at Women Living Well posted a review of my book! it made me cry.
  8. Emily at Chatting at the Sky made me think about simplicity and seeing God in the ordinary.
  9. Patty at Blessed Moon posted gorgeous flower photos. I linked up even though my trillium aren't blooming yet!
  10. my husband loves me even though....

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