Sunday, August 29, 2010


We visited a church today - NO we aren't changing again, we were just out of town for a baseball tournament. If we have Sunday games and time allows, as it did today, we just pop in on a local church. In our tournament attire. Kind of adventurous for me. You know, I'm the one who doesn't like change or the unknown. But there are several draws for me:
  1. I like checking out the hospitality when I have nothing riding on it. It's okay with me if I'm not liked in a a place I may never visit again. We were at a downtown FIRST Baptist today, and I wondered how people would receive our motley crew. Such a gracious group! All smiles. Introductions all around. It was nice.
  2. Not sure if this is kind of me, but I usually analyze the situation. This church, although large in structure, is noticeably small in congregation. My guess was, based on the pastor's youth and energy level, that the they had perhaps suffered some sort of blow and this guy is new. I checked it out on the website when I got home. He's been there six months. I will be praying for the congregants as they rebuild and continue to reach out to their community.
  3. Sometimes there is a surprise. Today's? A man, as we were leaving, got my attention and then handed me something. He didn't say a word. Just handed me a ziploc bag. In it? Fresh-baked, homemade rolls. Now what is the story behind that? Did we look terribly poor? I mean I don't think he saw our car that always looks like we're living out of it when we travel....Seriously, it was a nice gesture - and excellent rolls!
So, thank you, First Baptist Thomasville! Your sign says that you exist to love your neighbors, and you loved on us today.  May grace and peace be yours.

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  1. Nice to feel genuine warmth in a church, not the put on "fake" greetings that some generate.