Thursday, December 30, 2010


i was seven and at church camp with my family. camp susan barbour jones. i remember losing a tooth. my brother remembers a pool/swamp. he calls it the crappy camp. but i remember something else. a speaker. he was in a wheelchair, maybe? he had been to heaven. i perked up as he told his story of a car crash, being declared dead, going to heaven and being revived. i hung on every word. scripture isn't very detailed about heaven. maybe because we wouldn't be able to think about anything else if we knew it all?  i have to admit that i've had reservations about heaven. not that i don't want to go there, but i can't imagine not missing earthly things. and what if i get tired of singing? or what if it isn't real and i don't get to see family members? i feel like a horrible christian for admitting it.

i was intrigued by a human perspective on heaven then, and now, thirty-three years later, i still am. even though it's been out since 2004, i just read 90 minutes in heaven (on my kindle. which is awesome) by don piper. a truly compelling story not only of heaven but of courage and perseverance and faith. so, this guy, too, has been to heaven. again, a car crash, the pronouncement, heaven and revival. what i loved most was learning that he saw family members, didn't worry about earth, loved the music and felt an overwhelming sense of joy. all the time.

i told my sister and her daughter about it. they gasped. my niece's eyes lit up. she moved in closer. is it a true story? you bet, kiddo. we didn't say it, but we were thinking it - we'll get to see cameron and pops for sure. and there will be no more night and no more tears. and all things, all things, will be made new. (revelation 21 & 22) amen.

what are your thoughts on heaven?


  1. so funny Kendal...Grace and I were just talking about heaven while I was tucking her in last night...I think what we concluded was we didn't know what it would be like.

    Like you - I too wonder:)

  2. from my brother cam: I think as we lose loved ones, and cling to the promise of eternity, fear of death diminishes. Not knowing details of heaven, I imagine ultimate peace and love shared with our loved ones, God with us smiling. And he puts His hand on our shoulder and whispers "I never expected you to sing in the choir".
    Cam Finley

  3. I read this book -- in my in-laws met the author. I read it because after my grandmother died, I was desperate to know more about where she was. I've also been reading (very slowly) Heaven, by Randy Alcorn.

    The part that reassured me the most from the Heaven book by Alcorn was how he surmised that those in Heaven could see down on earth. Every now and then, I'll ask God to make sure Grannie is watching something I know she'd love.

  4. this post fills me with such hope, dear kendal. thank you for your honesty and openness. and for your prayers. xo.

  5. Love your bother's quote up above. I'm hoping for that heaven.

  6. Kendal, I was the way you were too for a while – ambivalent about the coming of the kingdom. You have reminded me today of what I believe to be true – and Scriptural. I believe Heaven is this - everything good is better, everything bad is gone. Love is the rule of every moment. And like you said, no tears.

    And a truly awesome thing, when we consider time and eternity, is that while we are “in time” living here, we are also “seated in heavenly places” – somehow both here now, and “already” there in eternity. This means I’m not waiting to see my mom, or you, your loved ones, but there is already rejoicing in heaven – you with them - right now. We’re just limited to time from this end and can’t see. Heaven, just everything bad gone – everything good better – love rules full time. Thank you for bringing this to mind again. I was truly blessed to stop by today.

    God bless you and your family.

  7. Love your bother's quote up above. I'm hoping for that heaven.