Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wrap this up

the true
that gives
light to
(has come)

i want
to be in

how are you thinking about light during this season?

linking up with jen today!


  1. I think of the light from the Savior - how different His light looks from the commercial lights of the season.

  2. intensely watching...looking downward and upward simutaneously...for the next step:)
    didn't spell check that word...lol!

  3. I think of how the light gives meaning in a sea of darkness....it makes seen what the darkness hides!

  4. as I told you last week, I've been meditating on this passage too...

    just especially 'the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it!'

    and it seems these starry nights and the wise men following the star and the babe who was born under those stars...just that faintest glimmer, but he would grow to be all light to overcome every darkness!

  5. At night, we turn off all the big lights and just leave on the various strands of twinkle lights around our home. It's amazing how radiant those little bulbs are. I think it's helping me remember that even a little light dispels darkness.

  6. you are that light to so many. <3

  7. Of all my Christmas decorations, the one I love and don't use that often is my nativity scene that you place candles behind. I love looking at the reflection of Jesus and pray that I be a reflection of Him in my own life.

  8. my two-year-old Gunnar-man has a new favorite song: "This Little Light of Mine". we sing it often and he tries to sing along. he's totally in the learning phase. I love it!

    so, when I think of light, I think of innocence, being newly exposed to things new, eyes-wide-open exploration/reception, being a discoverer, and letting light shine through me to expose new things to me and others. His light, let it shine.

  9. My grandpa's favorite song, that I sing often with my babes, "this little light of mine" I want Him to shine thru me!

  10. This is beautiful in its simplicity, Kendal.

    And BTW, I LOVE that you do devotions all year round -- that is indeed the better way (unlike me...who just does them one month during advent! You inspire me!).

  11. I love how you take something so simple and turn it into something amazing.

    Light this season? Hmm. I guess light is shining on things I'm not sure I'm ready to see.

  12. you are that light to so many. <3