Wednesday, February 23, 2011

an adverb

there's this sentence
that paul wrote
one time
it applies to me, to us
be joyful always
not only when...
my girl, the one i mentor, takes a step forward
sister, the twin, is visiting
my children are amazed by god
i receive a windfall
my students ask intelligent questions
even when...
my girl, the one i mentor, can't call me because she's crying too hard
sister, the twin, is far away
my children bicker
an unforeseen bill arrives in the mail
my students forget the meaning of germane

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  1. i'm thinking of getting this tattooed across my forehead. (i jest, but truly i could use the reminder. be joyful always. yes.)

  2. So true. So difficult for me sometimes. More times than I would like to admit.

  3. Always, its a powerful word, isn't it. Thanks for your words!

  4. yeah i need to work on that...always is a big word...smiles. nice write...

  5. convicted.

    i so struggle with this. i come from the 'poor me' line of thinking. lol thank you for your words today...

  6. It's so hard to remember joy when you are paying with gas in change.

  7. you know that little poem you said a whole bunch. no matter what. that is the challenge. can we take good and bad? that is scary to me to be honest. I love love love your always:) i appreciate the way you a mentoring others too. just wanted you to know;)

  8. Hey well, I definitely hear you on all of this, especially:

    sister, the twin, is far away...

    makes me think of Habakkuk 3:16-18...coming strongly back to me after years of hiatus in my good and timely, thanks:)

  9. Oh, ouch. I really struggle with this one. When times are tough, I might know in my heart that things will get better; I might even have a bit of peace, but joy? No, I can't truthfully say that I'm always joyful. I'm taking this post to heart.

  10. ack this one made me breathe in deep... for the pain of being joyful. always. this, the treasure we're to abandon everything else for, no? love it kendall. love you. and all that you invest in us, and in your students, and in her.

  11. Yes, always...I'm so glad for the gentle reminder!

  12. i love it, kendal! oh, how i need to remember this-to be joyful even when things aren't just so, or even when they are just downright hard. love (and joy) to you!

  13. So hard to be joyful when I am
    For my child. For the pain I cannot protect him from.
    And he is almost a man now. Always, always a reminder of God's miraculous Healing Hand. Who am I to have been blessed so...?
    And so I rejoice.
    For a moment.
    Till again I am afraid.

    Thanks for the reminder, to press in for the rejoicing, always, anyway.
    Teri @

  14. Amen - this is verse that I often cling to.

  15. This reminds me of the saying
    "It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow."
    Life is certainly full of challenges.
    Hopefully they make us stronger.
    Wishing you joy!

  16. Be joyful. Sure I can be joyful. Sometimes. Be joyful always. A little harder. Much harder. Yet God has given me so much. And none of it is deserved by me. None of it was even earned by me. Christ died on the cross for me. That should be all I need to "be joyful always."

    Thanks for making me think.

  17. Paul's Words Always Pull At Me! He Had Such A Way Of Expression And I Sometimes Feel His Passages Are Some Of My Favorite. Be Joyful Always..In The Good Times And The Not-So-Good. Every Circumstance Has Purpose And Direction Within Divine Order. It's Something I Daily Force Myself To Remember. Thanks For The Sweet Reminder. You Write So Wonderfully! Hugs Of Southern Sunshine, Terri

  18. A good reminder - and beautifully expressed. Thanks for sharing...

  19. Always. What a powerful word. Beautiful post Kendal... love it! :)

  20. Powerful and beautiful in it's simplicity...good inspiration!

  21. always...always...
    the word that haunts & helps.

    nice to meet you (here) and read His blessed word from your heart.

  22. So beautiful. I love reading your poetry.

  23. that Paul ... we love to know him a bit more ... but to know him at all is to LOVE him ... JOY will fill any cup!

  24. I struggle. Who doesn't, with this? Your poem reminds me of Ann V's eucharisteo -- thankfulness in everything leads to trust and joy. I will repeat that as a mantra today -- be joyful always. Maybe repeating it will drill it into my head?

    Happy weekend to you, beautiful girl!

  25. This is a challenging scripture and I have to repeat it oftentimes to myself so that I will remember...continually.

  26. such a good reminder, Kendal. I'm learning and re-learning this verse all the time. But I long for this joy and rejoicing always. beautiful.


  27. the simplicity of a word... why is it always so hard for me to remember? :D Thank-you for this powerful post. joyful to know you!