Monday, April 18, 2011

the title eludes me

cup of fresh-ground
french roast
open bible
man i love beside me
early morning sun
wan now against the
baby green leaves
and then my windows
and i know
the smudges
the crumbs
the dirty socks
but this sanctuary....

and more gifts:

139. losing pride -  just when i ached for a 13.1 sticker, i rolled the ankle.
        just enough to realize i want that sticker for the wrong reasons.
140. losing pride - just when i thought i was the best mentor on earth,
        i said all. the. wrong. things.
141. jeremiah 9:23-24
142. church leaders who believe in teens enough to invite them to play
        a twenty-song set with them for worship night.
143. my parents. my presbyterian , traditional church parents. who came
        to the twenty-song set. it was rockin'!
144. sister, who calls.
145. spring break.
146. husband, who flat out loves me.

and the links:

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  1. A husband who "flat out loves me". I'm so very thankful to have one of those as well. We are truly blessed in so many ways.

  2. Dirty socks will always be there, so cherish those sweet gifts!

  3. I just can't tell you how much I love #143!!! Love it! :-)

    I have some free Easter / "He Is Risen" blog buttons if you would like one to display on your blog during Holy Week! They are on my blog and free to anyone who would like one. :-)

    Celebrating His resurrection,

  4. Amber's ArticlesApril 18, 2011 at 12:35 PM

    Ahhhh.....losing pride. It seems like a vicious cycle, but oh how God loves us to keep ridding us of it. Blessed list today!

    Keep pressing will get to 13.1 mile and it will be for the RIGHT reasons.

  5. Jennifer_StudioJRUApril 18, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    What a great list of gifts Kendal. A husband who flat out loves you... what a blessing. What a gift to have such a man to walk this journey beside. I am blessed too in that way. ♥

  6. Beautiful list. And the cup of fresh ground French roast to start off: mmmm. ;-)

  7. i like your sanctuary... you paint a lovely picture.

  8. You had me at "losing pride". We must be soul sisters . . . If ever I had an Achilles heel, it's that.

    You are beautiful.

  9. I'm so sorry about the twisted ankle and the dashed ambitions! Humility is so hard sometimes, isn't it? I know it's necessary...but gosh it's hard and pretty sucky sometimes.

    And as for #140, heartbreaking...but she will forgive you because she knows your heart.

    Thanks for linking up, Kendal -- I love your posts. They are so simple but they convey SO much. How can you say in a handful of words what it takes me 600 to say?!!

  10. i love this sort of morning, and oh for finding the blessing in rolled ankles and crumbled pride.

  11. I find myself grateful for my husband who "flat out loves me too".

    Your words always inspire me, thanks Kendal.

  12. I was there with you as I was reading. I could imagine the perfect setting, even with the laundry, for how can we appreciate the fullness and stillness if we didn't have the other stuff, too?

  13. beautiful word picture, Kendal!

  14. Loved your list today. You've got some great parents! How great of them to come to the rockin' worship.

    Enjoyed my visit to your blog today.

  15. 146 is my favorite.

    I have said some dumb things at times, when I am mentoring. It is a great way to model what to do when we say dumb things, eh? Thanks you for mentoring!


  16. Grateful too for a God who is able to transform all the wrong things I've spoken and use them for good. It is true, yes?

  17. cheryl @ finding the beautyApril 18, 2011 at 10:06 PM

    I am new to soli deo gloria (I haven't linked yet), but I have actually come across your blog via Laura Parker, so I thought I would say hello. I can relate to what you wrote about all those "things" that await, but His sanctuary has to come first for me in the mornings.
    thank you for sharing - so simple, yet so encouraging.
    grace and peace to you,

  18. So glad there is beauty in doing and saying the wrong thing sometimes in that we learn and grow. :)

  19. Loosing pride....the hardest piece of 'self' to let go.

    Mrs. M.

  20. i could put my little old self right in that chair with the freshly ground coffee and open bible. I don't want to leave that place. sanctuary

  21. I have a #146 myself - on my list this morning too!

  22. reading
    your sanctuary
    heart smiles
    seeking my own

    143 is my favorite. Such love in those words.


  23. Kendal - just finally made the time to come read. SO glad I did. Your poetry - beautiful! I feel like I wrote this one. Seems I may have found a kindred spirit. Thanks for sharing your heart!