Friday, June 24, 2011

five minute friday - wonder

five minutes. start:

i stare in wonder
at these boys in my living room
they were so tiny
they depended on me
they sat on my lap
and let me read to them
and let me rock them to sleep
and now
their voices are deep
they do their own laundry
hank will get a driver's license
in just three weeks
jack will try out for the school
soccer team
i am reminded that
my time with them is temporary
that they were created
to leave me
that i am helping god
raise them for his purposes
and i am awash in
that i have been chosen
for this work


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  1. Thanks for the mother-warning on Facebook. My boy got his license yesterday. Sigh.

  2. Just perfect, Kendal. Thank you for the reminder as to how precious my job is as a mother, a job for which God chose me.

  3. No do not talk about driving…my babies will NEVER be that old! It is such a wonder this journey of motherhood. Beautiful.

  4. sorry about your disqus are so HATING it...

    love this and all that comes with the will mentor ones like me when we can only cry as they grow and grow and impart wisdom;)

  5. I love this, Kendal. I have been thinking so many of the same thoughts this summer...though not as eloquently as you.

  6. Beautiful. It is breath-taking, isn't it, when you take a step back and notice the wonder of what God entrusted you with? Love it.