Sunday, October 30, 2011

when undone is good

guess what? my brother took this photo!
he's the photographer for this blog....
we traveled east down our mountain into an autumn sunrise,
leaves turned sun-golden
frost hiding in shadows
i drove
while husband studied notes
for his sermon
he filled a pulpit this sabbath
and we dressed up
and we greeted
and he brought words
about god's
and i am undone
by this mercy
and i am undone
by this man's love
and i am undone

continuing to count my gifts to 1000 -

390. apples cooking down
391. husband so wise
392. girl, the one i mentor, so willing to listen to her savior
393. soccer
394. football
395. students working for change in africa
396. my dad's memories

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  1. The race I ran today was called Run for the Water. They raise money to bring clean water to a specific part in Africa. It's amazing to be a part of it!

  2. Undone by the love on the page here. Thank you for giving the way you do. And for receiving love with such grace. This, perhaps, teaches even more.

  3. Just beautiful--in every way.

  4. Love this "I am undone by this man's love." So thankful for a husband I truly love.

  5. It happens that way sometimes, doesn't it? And the "undoing" takes me by surprise every time.

  6. When I really take the time to think, it is truly overwhelming. God has given me so many gifts.

    I especially love reading about the girl you mentor! :)

  7. Kendal!! This is just...perfect. I am jotting it down so I can carry it with me. I love it!

  8. sweet little poem...

    neighbors at L.L.'s today...

    blessings in His grace,


  9. We really are undone when God's love overwhelms us, aren't we? It often is unexpected when it happens. What a touching post!