Sunday, November 6, 2011

a happy day in november

one of my brother's pics
my girl, the one i mentor
was at the door
when i arrived
at church today
a rough week behind us
i was sure she wouldn't come
but she was there with
a hot pink journal
and fall flowers in hand
gifts for me
gifts for me
when her presence was
a rough week behind us
i was sure she wouldn't come
there she was in the metal chair
beside me
oh, my god, he will not delay
my refuge and strength
i will not fear, his promise is true
my god will come through
will not

and for these i am also thankful:

397. my husband. he washes dishes. and loves me. a lot
398. hank, my older. he lead me in worship today
399. jack, my younger. he didn't let anyone out-hustle him today
400. stinky socks. it means all three guys are near
401. mrs. adams in her house dress checking the mail at 10:00 am
402. compassionate, enthusiastic students
403. chili
404. maple trees
405. papa gone to montana to pick up my sister-iin-law and children for the holidays
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  1. love it when that happens....when you are sure they won't show up but they defy their past tendencies....holy spirit won't let up and they (and "we" when it's our turn)show up. And He works. Whatever it looked expressing love through a hard was effective. Keep loving her the way you do. And thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Those sweet surprises from God--what an encouragement to our hearts. Always when we least expect it. God smiles when we thank Him for giving us joy.

  3. And, oh, what a gift your presence must be to her. Bless you for showing her the love of Christ. He will not delay.

  4. You've taught her what being there, always, looks like. You are a gift to each other.

    And I love that smelly socks are a gift too! :)

  5. And your presence also made her day, I am sure.

  6. I love it that you didn't think she'd come, but she came bearing flowers. She showed up and then some. PTL.

  7. Such sweet music to his ears =) I know God is blessing you as you bless her with the gift of your presence. What worship you bring him with your ministry to this girl.

  8. I'm with Laura and Shanda.. just sayin :) i love you.

  9. So happy to hear she was there! What a gift you are to one another. It is truly beautiful. Yay for husbands that help with dishes! Chili... yum!

  10. Love, love your girl -- and love, love, you, too, Kendal.

    And stinky socks...that made me smile.

  11. How great that she came -- I'm sure you're a blessing in her life, Kendal. Love your list!