Saturday, December 31, 2011

feeling glad my home faces east

up in the early morning
shades pulled
so i can watch
the sky brighten
and it's layered
fog below the charcoal mountain
pink just above
then yellow before
the dome of dawn blue
the trees are standing
jesus said that anyone
who has faith in him
will do greater
things than these
can't make a

will you join me in prayer for these -

our beloved school custodian, james, recovering from a massive heart attack
the ladies i know battling eating disorders. so many.  please pray for them peace and strength
my girl, the one i mentor. her best pal is moving far away today
a premature baby named jeremiah
my small group at church as we seek the lord's wisdom

thank you, friends



  1. Prayers sent Danielle!

  2. I love you Kendal. We'll miss the Privettes at our watchnight. Maybe next year. Mark

  3. What a fitting image, and confession, for a new year. Faith dares to pull open our shades.

    And then we wait, watching the colors change.

  4. Kendal,

    I have not been on here for a while. I just read about James. Is he ok? Please give my love to him and Shelby. They are such kind people. Prays are going up...

  5. prayed, and praying, especially for your girl. she's on my heart, that one.

    love to you, k.

  6. your friends are blessed to have you praying... loved your morning words... stop by Scribble Spiritual Sand today if you can at and join us this week in a spiritual challenge...

  7. I was there...watching a sunrise...with you. I want to share something that Madeleine L'Engle wrote. "A new year can begin only because the old year ends. In northern climates this is especially apparent. As rain turns to snow, puddles to ice, the sun rises later and sets earlier; and each day it climbs less high in the sky. One time when I went with my children to the planetarium I was fascinated to hear the lecturer say that the primitive people used to watch the sun drop lower on the horizon in great terror, because they were afraid that one day it was going to go so low that it wold never rise again; they would be left in unremitting night. There would be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and a terror of great darkness would fall upon them. And then, just as it seemed that there would never be another dawn, the sun would start to come back; each day it would rise higher, set later.
    Somewhere in the depths of our unconsciousness we share that primordial fear, and when there is the first indication that the days are going to lengthen, our hearts, too, lift with relief. The end has not come: joy! and so a new year makes its birth known."