Sunday, January 29, 2012

as yourself

i keep myself warm
heat pump
soft clothes
i keep in touch
i wash clothes with running water in a machine
i shop for food in a clean store
i drive myself in the car i bought
i take my children to the doctor when they are sick
i buy bibles for our household
i have leisure time
spend it reading by electric light
i take care of myself
i am not called to love
(i was steeped
in self-love at birth)
i am called to
as much

i struggle to meet this command. how about you?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

504. coffee with my husband at mcdonald's early today
505. listening to the olders discussing flat top hair cuts at mcdonald's this morning
506. lemon bars
507. dinner on the grounds (aka lunch at church) with small group
508. the movie, courageous
509. my husband's leadership in our family
510. students looking for ways to love their neighbors
511. my girl, the one i mentor, her honesty is gorgeous

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  1. I like the contrast of your picture with your post. Thought provoking and beautiful.

  2. yes. and then when I love, I wonder if it is enough? Since I struggle with this question on a daily basis, I have learned to pray when I see a need and ask Him if it is my place to fill it. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

  3. I'm with MrsP--I love that photo. I struggle to love ENOUGH, I think. Because I have all of these advantage that you mention here, sometimes I wonder if I fully understand. But this moving toward understanding...I think this a lifelong process.

  4. We are so blessed, but don't often realize it. Thanks for the great reminder to appreciate what God has given us and then to share with others.

  5. Such conviction in simpe words. Amen.

  6. You know I love this, K. Still haven't seen Courageous.

  7. Born into self-love. We are and it is so sad. Something we will always fight against yet have so much in our power to love others at the same time.

  8. Sometimes it is so hard to love as we are called to do. Your post is a gentle reminder of putting others first, as God commands.

    Thank you for making me think about some "difficult" to love people in my life, and how I can love them better.

  9. born into self-love... such a picture. Thank you!

  10. love your thoughts...
    how many things do I take for granted?! yikes..better stop and think, huh?!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  11. I've been trying to let our children see that we live like kings - how totally blessed we are. When my oldest went on a mission trip to uganda a few years ago - he learned hands-on. Another son is in military training - and while he has all that - he's learning how blessed we are. This morning, they got cold showers because someone accidently opened a door that blew out the heater! LOL

  12. Oh Wow, Kendal. This is so beautiful. This moves my heart. One of our pastors recently challenged our church to read the Bible through in a year and underline every scripture that deals with the poor. God definitely has a heart for the poor. So should I.

  13. you are right on the mark as ever, my dear kendal. love you and your bleeding heart, and all the change you effect.

  14. Yup, I struggle with it badly.

    [can i just say, your mention of lemon bars just made my mouth water. love those]