Sunday, April 15, 2012

lesson from a pasture

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my husband's brief encounter with a cow on friday
has unraveled my heart
left an image burned
behind my eyes
she was a black cow and she stood
all day in the same spot
seeking neither water nor shade
curious, he left the mower
and approached the fence
that cow
that stoic black cow?
was protecting
from buzzards
there's always a bigger picture
we just have to go
to the fence to see it

how about you? any lessons from unusual places lately?

continuing to count his gifts from 1-1000 -

610. the chickens have left my living room!!!
611. a chipper message from my girl, the one i mentor
612. vegetable garden, planted
613. fresh herbs
614. back to school this week
615. baseball

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  1. oh, that sent shivers down my spine.

  2. Wow, we just never know. Do we? It is so important to always come closer and change perspective. Thanks for the reminder. (Visiting from Ann's today. Happy Monday!)

  3. Oh, that makes me sad and also just in awe of our creator. That even a cow would have this kind of love and conviction. Thanks Kendal.

  4. I'm so glad I can finally leave comments on your blog btw!

  5. "There's always a bigger picture." A great reminder for me today! Blessings on you today...

  6. great post...always a bigger picture...we need to be willing to change our vantage point. blessings~

  7. Just an amazing thing to witness.

    Blessings to you♥

  8. Kendal--'going to the fence' to see the picture. Guess that could be borders, boundaries, the edge of our lives. Don't stay stuck in the middle. You can't get to the 'other side' of God's big picture unless you're willing to move.
    This prompted all kinds of thoughts.
    from a!

  9. I was expecting something to be wrong with the cow...we shouldn't try to guess ahead of the Father, either.

  10. Oh, how amazing. God graces his creatures with such protective instincts.

    Go to the fence and see.

  11. It is always so surprising when we see "human" compassion and emotion in animals. You are right...there is always a bigger picture. I'm so thankful that God is here, watching over us all.

  12. The life truth here is powerful. Oh that we would always step closer before we jump to conclusions. We never know the road someone else is walking.

  13. What a powerful poem from such an extraordinary moment. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Good analogy for the way we sometimes miss the biggest things going on in the lives of others.

  15. I knew elephants and several other animals did that. I did not know about cows. Compassion comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, doesn't it?
    Keeping my eyes open for those cracks, fences, other unlikely places from which to see...God sees it all. He wants us to see more and more of His world.
    I am glad I stopped by tonight.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  16. That story breaks my heart. Poor mother. There is always a bigger picture to everything. Few times do I take the time to go the distance to look.

  17. so sad and sweet. Isn't it just like you to ask what God is telling you in this? Love to you, Kendal.

  18. oh wow :(

    I, too, have found there is usually a lesson or story in every situation and circumstance if we choose to see.

  19. Oh, that poor mama cow! Such a reminder that folks are hurting, but on the surface, we may not see it. Thank you

  20. Awwww! Your posts always leave me wanting to know more! Like the whole story, front to finish.

  21. Wow. What a great reminder not to jump to conclusions by judging things at face value! Thank you for posting.