Wednesday, May 30, 2012

on where i read and a list for martha

summer mornings find me
curled up on the north corner
of my couch
coffee mug and book in hand
a deep pleasure
i came home from my school year
with a red tub of books -
mostly literature for adolescents
and i will immerse myself
in story as the days pass by
my friend, martha,
who knows this about me
asked for a list
books? a list?
of course!!

so here are five i've read and enjoyed recently -

blue nights - joan didion
look me in the eye: my life with aspergers - john elder robison
outrageous grace - grace fabian
the zookeeper's wife - diane akerman
escape from camp 14 - blaine harden

and a few i plan to read this summer -

operating instructions - anne lammot
the book thief - markus zusak
monster - walter dean myers
riot - walter dean myers
reading lolita in tehran - azar nafisi

how about you? what are you reading? where do you like to read?

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  1. have not read look me in the eye yet but want to as i work with several asperger was good? i typically read anywhere...and i am currently reading the biography of allen ginsberg

    1. look me in the eye was EXCELLENT for me as i had just picked up an autistic student in one of my regular-ed social studies classes. i also liked it because i liked his brother's (augusten burroughs)books.

  2. My favorite place to read is anywhere I can comfortably curl up. In the summer, I love reading where I can feel the breeze and hear the bird song in the background. I have a lot of books on the go :) ...
    almost done "Waking the Dead" by John Eldredge, have been reading a lot of food/diet books lately with our new found way in plant-based eating, and am going to try and tackle "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy this summer - I got stuck back at Buckleberry Ferry the last time I picked it up because the descriptions are sooooo looong. :)

  3. Currently, I'm delving into Sci-Fi with Ursula K. LeGuin's Left Hand of Darkness then I shall at some point read The Things They Carried, Lit, The Year of Magical Thinking, Plan B, and A Prayer for Owen Meaney...summer is always my favorite time for reading too.

  4. Well, I certainly can't pass THIS post up! As for where I like to read, anywhere will do. As a kid, I did have a wonderful, favorite chair. (Reading Lolita in Tehran is great, by the way.) I just finished some Plato, All Things Shining, and am reading Bunn's The Black Madonna. Next up is New York by Rutherford, The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis, On Loving God by Bernard and who knows what else!

  5. I know the pleasure of reading in the corner of the couch. I love book lists. I just posted about some YA lit for tweens. I will have to check out some of these books though sometimes I can't read fiction. I have a hard time putting it down.

  6. Thanks, Kendal! As soon as I wrap up my school year, I'll be found reading one of your recommendations on my front porch...chair or swing, which ever suits my mood. I can't wait.

  7. I love to read curled up in my leather chair by the window or on the deck in a lounger in the sun. Right now I'm finishing Mark Buchanan's book Spiritual Rhythms. I love the way Mark writes- a beautiful mix of story telling and deep thought. I'm copying down your list and heading to the library to look for a few of your recommendations. Thanks! Happy reading!

  8. right now i'm reading a stack of titles required for our upcoming work, but i have a soft spot for YA fiction. and where? oh, i'm not picky at all--at the park, on the living room floor, on the treadmill, in bed--it's still instant transport to other realms.

  9. The Book Thief rocks. I just wrote a post about it (not up yet).

    Right now? Hmm, just finished 7, and Let's Pretend this never happened by the Bloggess.

    Next up, I am tackling my book club book about a guy who walks across the US...totally forgeting the name.

    I cold read books forever and ever Amen.

  10. i gobble up anything and everything i can get my hands on. i'm a total book junky :)

  11. I am reading: "Praying for Strangers," by River Jordan; "Circle Makers" by Batterson; and "Circle of Quiet" by Madeline L'Engle.

  12. Thanks for the reading list. I'm currently rereading Northanger Abbey. Love Jane.

  13. i love the zookeeper's wife, the book thief, and operating instructions. just read the year of the gadfly and really enjoyed it. to slow summer days and reading our hearts out:)