Friday, July 6, 2012

upon a stranger's story and cheering for the other team

writing for five minutes on story

hey, number 21
i hear your team and fans
for you and i wonder
you haven't
hit a home run
a line drive to the fence
driven in the go-ahead run
what's your story
that even a swing at a
high and inside pitch
earns atta way to swing?
even though i don't know it,
your story,
i can tell it's one
i would love
so i'm quietly rooting
here we go two-one
watch the ball now

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  1. 'quietly rooting.'

    I love that when we can do that for someone ... and when someone extends that grace to us!

  2. you write so simply, yet with such profound undertones.

    i think that every time i come here.

    great thoughts, as usual. :)

  3. I love this...I too quietly root for someone on another are right...each one does have a story...won’t it be so wonderful to know. I love how you write and tell a story. Have a sweet weekend.

  4. I have those thoughts often about other people, waiting in line at the grocery store, at the pharmacy, doctors office, at the traffic light, I want to know story. You say things so simply and so well.

  5. I love cheering for the underdog. We don't always know their stories or where they have come from. However, we always love when they are able to get through the trials and soar the mountain tops.

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