Monday, September 17, 2012

a hint

an idea
a hope
is taking shape
and it looks like
my little family
will be on mission
in the dominican republic
for a few fall days
and it doesn't make sense
the timing
the finances
and panic sneaks around
and i read and read again
isaiah's words
have you not known?
have you not heard?
the lord is the everlasting God,
the creator of the ends of the earth
the end.

how about you? what lies ahead? what is your antidote to panic?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

771. reading time
772. preserving food for the winter (more tomatoes!)
773. teaching. all of it. even the frustrations.
774. my girl, the one i mentor, positively proud of her
775. my husband who is organizing thousands of photographs
776. my son jack who is helping
777. safe travel for hank
778. new people, new smiles

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  1. Oh, Kendal, mission trips change your heart! I'm so glad you are going and I know God will do great things in you and yours because of it.

  2. so excited ( a hint of jealous) for you :) praying for all that God has in store

  3. Wow. Sounds exciting (and, yes, scary). When I have those moments of panic (I'm quite familiar), I concentrate on one thing at a time. The next thing is where God has placed his gift of grace. Blessings to you, Kendal.

  4. Kendal--what an exciting, scary privilege. God will do great and mighty things...And I can't wait to hear what they are.
    May He continue to guide your steps.

  5. That sounds so cool! We went to Honduras for the first time this summer and we are going back next summer! Enjoy your time. I know God will have big things planned! :)

  6. Wonderful, Kendal! Setting aside our "earthly" perception of whether we should do something outside our comfort zone is extremely difficult, but saying yes puts you in such a place of growth. God will be faithful to see you through. Stopping over from Ann's.

  7. Oh what a wonderful trip it appears you have ahead of you, and the whole family. Joy. Can't wait to follow along on your journey. Visiting today from Laura's.

  8. So excited for you! And yes a bit jealous also but can't wait to hear all about how God uses y'all!

  9. Sometimes when panic comes knocking hard, I just toss the door open and welcome him in.

    You know, if I don't, I hide and make up scenarios and run and then, I'm totally consumed.

    Really, really excited about this opportunity.

  10. Thank you for going! We need people like you to "Go".
    What makes me panic, well, let's see. . . .trying to write a book! Not really panicking though, just feels like I'm birthing a baby and it's taking way longer than 9 months. There is a post in my future:)
    Blessings on you and your trip!

  11. I pray your mission trip is joyful and that God shows your family and you something special. I've never been on a mission trip, but I love hearing all about them.

    When I panic I usually find myself bathing in chocolate...but no, seriously I pray out loud and seek God and wait (often impatiently).

  12. antidote to panic? hmmmm.....I know what it 'should' be...prayer, God's word...but often I am found running (literally), reading blogs, eating chocolate.

    Way to go to follow God...even when the timing doesn't seem right. Godspeed to you & yours.

  13. oh saying yes to God...when panic comes keep reaffirming your yes...say unto your soul...fix your eyes on Jesus. blessings~

  14. Hope in Jesus -- that is the only thing I have in the face of panic. So excited about your mission trip!

  15. ~chuckle~ Oh yes, I agree with Kathleen--I often run, drink wine, eat chocolate and yes, I have found that time with God first thing in the morning--maybe some soft worship music playing--is a lifesaver. I also play worship music throughout the day when I'm at home. Excited for this opportunity for you--wow--if you and your family can go, it makes it seem even more possible for us to someday. Blessings on your time there. {Visiting from Hear it, Use it}.

  16. How awesome for you and yours! Courage, friend, following Jesus is both the safest and most dangerous place in all the world -- at the same time. :)

  17. Bless you, saying prayers for you.

  18. Oh, bless you, sweet mama. I will be praying that all falls beautifully in place. Hugs to you, Kendal.