Monday, September 24, 2012

on saying the wrong words and shadow living

how are you
my automatic question
hung in the air
between us
at the grocery check-out
how are you
i asked a dying man
he's young
it's cancer
i apologized for my question
it's okay
god's got this
he assured
he limped across the parking lot
leaving me with tears in my eyes
for his cut-short life
for his bereft brother
for sometimes doubting that
it's okay
god's got this
yes, indeed
this man?
shadow-living with the most high
he who dwells in the shelter
of the
will abide in the shadow
of the

what lessons have you learned in the grocery store parking lot lately?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000-

779. corn hole with the boys. even though i was a loser....
780. a compelling missionary story - sleeping coconuts
781. my faculty - a more supportive group i could not find
782. my girl, the one i mentor,
783. husband. he is simply the best.

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  1. You have a way to put so much emotion in just a few words. It's beautiful and filled with hope.

  2. oh I hate when that automatic question comes out at the wrong time...but I am thankful for Grace...and especially Grace provided by the other person. oh corn hole...I always lose too:) Happy Monday~

  3. Talk about putting things in perspective...Great post!

  4. Oh, been there - sometimes I cannot catch the automatic words. No harm meant, but still - what a graceful response he gave you. And what a beautiful image you painted with your words of being in the shadow of the most high. Lovely.

  5. uh. What lessons have I learned? To follow the Lord's leading no matter how stupid I feel. I felt the Lord nudging me to help an elderly man with his groceries and buggy today, but I didn't do it. I just said to myself (and God I suppose) "he looks fine. He doesn't need my help." I know I missed an opportunity.

  6. Once again you expressed it beautifully.

  7. we can be taught in the most unexpected places in unexpected ways! what an attitude this young man has... one that only comes through HIS love!

  8. zero to tears in six seconds flat. you get me every time.

    thank you, Father, for sheltering this precious man. for holding me too in your shadow.

  9. "shadow living with the most high" I love it.

  10. Grocery store parking lots are like that for me, too.
    I always run into the "lepers" of today and even Jesus Himself.
    So beautiful the way you cared enough to ask and then humbled yourself to learn in the face of suffering.
    Sometimes silence can speak the loudest.

  11. Praying for your friend. I hated the "How are you?" question after Sarah died. I wanted to say, "How do you think I am." But mostly it was offered in love, my friends cared how I really was. I want to shadow live with the Almighty, too! Your words always get to my heart.