Sunday, September 9, 2012

on texting and siblings and life

my phone buzzed on the way into
the sanctuary today
i stood on the steps and checked
my younger sister's text
important note -
dad's new wheelchair
doesn't fit on the lift
i have to admit it was
a teensie bit funny
in the what-else kind of way....
this sister takes dad to church every sunday
and i love her
not just for that
but for her servant heart and her hilarity
i have four more siblings
they all make me cry -
laughing tears
the i-love-them-so-much ones
it was a holy moment
there on the church steps
in the first fall breeze
it was a holy moment
thinking of these
men and women
god gave me for life

how about you? who has god given you for life?

764. in christ alone
765. papers to grade. really.
766. phone time with my girl, the one i mentor
767. running with my sister-in-law in that first fall air
768. a husband who takes care of things like dead chickens:(
769. spending time at the football field
770. talking with former students

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  1. Kendal, I'm working on a post where I'm asking YOU to do something if you are so inclined (not a big deal if you are not). Stay tuned and be blessed, friend.

  2. Who has God given me? my son and husband. last night they had me in stitches they were being so silly!

  3. Kendal...such sweet gifts...the love of a family...and I am so glad your hubby does dead chickens:) happy Monday~

  4. Sisters are the greatest! I need to call mine! blessings to you from Uganda

  5. A seemingly insignificant moment turned to thankfulness. It says much about your heart.

  6. You remind me to be thankful for all those people in my life who love me and support me. Thank you for that. :)

  7. love hearing of a special family love like that, kendal!

  8. I love that...and I love the sense of humor that you and your family so obviously share to appreciate the FUNNY in every thing! I was raised that way too...and it make life so fun!

  9. There is such joy in your heart and your words. I love your writing style and voice. Laughing, smiling and be grateful for all....what a beautiful way to embrace your story.