Monday, March 11, 2013

somnolence and hilarity

it's a somnolent afternoon here in room 704
beyond the blinds my sky is gray and foreboding
the hallway lights are already off
the classrooms are eerily silent
i'm reading poetry
(giovanni and hughes)
i feel like i could sleep for days....
to save them for the sun
i purposefully look for some hilarity so
my son won't walk in from baseball practice
find me rocking back and forth in the fetal position
under my desk....
my friend kristen
(she doesn't actually know that we're friends)
is always good for a laugh
she says things like
my teeth have low self-esteem
this? is somehow what i needed today

how about you? do you actively seek hilarity? where do you find it?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000-

961. digging in cold, wormy earth
962. planting
963. daffodils by the road
964. lessons that work
965. hearing from my girl, the one i mentor
966. student-faculty ballgames

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  1. I think I'm more likely to actively seek absurdity but for similar reasons. Hilarity might be out of reach for me sometimes (depending on the ratio of clouds to sunshine) but I can almost always manage absurdity. (And there's always Monty Python.)

  2. Smiling. Teeth? Low self-esteem? Have to check that out. These dim days steal my energy too, Kendal. But...spring is coming...

  3. I have a written rule of life - like may somber 'good" Christian followers but you know what is not on that list: Actively seek hilarity. I am going to add that. What a wonderful spiritual discipline to work on. Thanks Kendall!

  4. looking forward to some of that digging in the earth soon! :)

  5. I absolutely am taken by this Kendall. You may know I am a huge fan of your poetry. But this. Girl, it is so good. I am going back for a re-read. Thank you for doing the beautiful thing it is that you do so uniquely, so outrageously lovely.

  6. i'm feeling quite a bit this way today myself, which is why i'm reading YOU. :) you're good for my soul.