Saturday, June 8, 2013

what broody betty is teaching

broody betty is back in
general population
after a four-day isolation
in the igloo dog house
so. glad.
we chose to intervene
her comb is perkier
she's competing for, and winning, earth worms
(thank you, tropical storm andrea)
but best?
she seems to have overcome her overwhelming bent
toward self-destructive brooding
this is more than a micro-farm poultry success
it's a lesson in loving the ones around us
who can't fight it anymore-
this overwhelming bent toward self-destruction -
what jesus did first?
he stopped
when we come out of ourselves and stop
then we can
push our loved ones

i am so thankful for the people who pushed me those years ago when i was determined to be the thinnest. woman. ever. we cannot ignore our friends and family who need us. if you feel inadequate, get advice from experts. pray without ceasing. but, please, don't do nothing.

i  would love to hear your thoughts on intervention....

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  1. Great reminders of Jesus telling us to stop and pray. That's really the best thing we can do before preceding to intervene. I enjoyed reading this. Hope Broody Betty stays well. (Visiting from Faith-Filled Friday linkup.)

  2. this is just lovely, and there is depth in the whimsy.

    love you, sweet kendal

  3. intervention is hard, painful at times. But so necessary! Thanking God for friends and family who surrounded you with His love during your time in need.