Monday, August 26, 2013

oatmeal hair and concrete feet - a first day of school

the first day of school is a was
i'm reflecting on summer's end -
her slumber and stories
her harvest and home-time
i feel the teensiest bit sad that she's gone
washed away like so many waves
even though the first day started
with oatmeal in my hair
(i tried to wear it down)
despite the ache of my
scurried-on-concrete-all-day teacher feet
fall's possibilities are exciting
and i'm thankful for
the god-work that makes school marvelous
and i'm thankful for
my church's prayers over me and my school
students' excitement
new teachers' successes
locks working correctly
technology's cooperation
husband's early devotion
cream cheese icing on lemon cake
french roast coffee

did you have family starting school today? how did it go? 

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  1. The two last at home started a new school this year - a Latin Christian School - and we have loved it. Loved the need to not supplement. Loved the curriculum. Loved how God set up this decision:) Wishing you blessing and that your feet feel rested:)

  2. did your church pray over all the teachers in the congregation? That's way cool. Nothing like having your church send you off with prayer. Your students are fortunate to have you - as well as the other teachers in your school. I have an unsaved friend who is teaching in an elementary school (first year teaching) and I have found myself praying for other Christian teachers in her school to shine Jesus in such a way that she is attracted to Him. I pray the same for you sweet sister. That you will wear Jesus well this school year, not only to your students but to fellow teachers. Love ya girl!

    1. actually, a group of us met at my school after church on sunday. we walked the halls praying silently and then they prayed over me and another teacher. it WAS way cool:)

  3. Wow Kendall I love this and smiled all the way through this delightful message. You really made my day with your wonderful words.