Monday, September 23, 2013

a teensy little problem

as it turns out
i have this teensy little problem with
chris found me on the couch last night
hank had just nonchalantly driven off to college
jack was out working in the wood shop
i was terrified -
surely the night would end with both as victims of an accident....
not sure when i'll get it,
that god is
a strong tower -
a high place
a shelter
he sees what i can't
he comforts his beloved
he gave me a husband who
(without sighing)
paused the movie
left his chair
checked on jack
and for this man
and persimmons
and husband-made persimmon pudding
and muscadines
and football games
and blue sky
and time with the family...

how about you? for what are you thankful today?

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  1. Yeah, sometimes I have this teensy problem, too. A mom thing? And my husband looks at me, curious, wondering why a woman of faith should be so "concerned." I answer that it's good, because it sends me to fervent prayer, and who knows if it wasn't a prayer prompt? (How's that for a rationalization?)
    Love your gratitudes.

  2. I have this problem. Such as pulling up next to my son at the stop light...beeping the horn at him...he waved this little wave and grinned like the little boy I used to know...I was in tears all the way home!!!

  3. We.are.boymoms. My story revolves around a fence, power tools, and a dad and a son...

  4. I have this problem too. I usually just shrug it off as part of being the mom. My mind can make up all kinds of accident scenarios. I totally get it. We glorify God when we turn to Him in the midst of our crazy mom thinking and remind ourselves of the truth that He is our strong tower. This is faith playing out in the life of a mom. Thank you for reminding me of the need to watch over my worrying and to turn toward the Lord in the midst.

  5. Oh...I can most definitely relate to that problem! Isn't it wonderful when God reroutes that worry and reminds us of His heavenly perspective?

  6. Oh, we moms do tend to worry about our children, don't we? I pray we can all let go and turn them over to our God, who loves them even more than we do. Thanks for the post.

  7. I appreciate you sharing so honestly.

  8. This is me, too!! I cannot help it sometimes!!!

  9. I'm here from Emily's. Oh, I hate those fear thoughts that try to take root in the mind!

  10. Yes. I hear you. I worry all the way to planning funerals of my loved ones, even though they're alive and well! Worry is the pits.