Sunday, September 8, 2013

vietnam, haiti and texas-white-sheet-cake: a list

i'm feeling all sharey tonight, so behold, a list!

  1. the book, inside out and back again, is a must-read for all humans. it's short and will slam you to the wall when you realize how refugee children feel.
  2. it's september which means it's practically time to wrap christmas gifts. consider researching and patronizing on-line fair-trade stores for your gifts this year. a favorite of mine is haitian creations which not only provides a wide variety of awesome handbags and jewelry, but seeks to empower women to survive in their impoverished country.
  3. i have other gifts-that-do-good ideas over at my pinterest account. there is a 72% chance that if you click here  you could see my board!?!?!
  4. i've found a dessert that makes people beg for the recipe. beg, people. it's a texas white sheet cake. now, if you click here you will find the recipe. BUT, i highly recommend using a cream cheese icing instead of the one suggested here. and i use vanilla instead of almond extract. and i don't use nuts. 
  5. esther. she's rocking my world. again. her willingness to listen to godly counsel, seek the lord and then risk is simply amazing. and so much of what i want to be. oh lord, subdue me, and increase you. amen.
so, what's going on with you? 

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  1. great post! loved spending the last 30 minutes reading all about Haitian Creations. Thank you for that. I want to have a shopping party with a busy mom's group from church. And I loved all your substitutions for the recipe you linked to. Thought that was funny. And then I was all shocked to link to Esther - the girl from the Bible. I was all thinking this was some blogging chick you'd been reading. I loved that surprise element that I possibly just ruined for other people that might read comments prior to reading links within the post. ooops. Not that you were trying to be all sneaky about it or anything. Loved your list!!!!

  2. I just saw that book in the library- wish I hadn't walked by it. I'll have to head back to grab it. Thanks for the recommendations. And Esther? Yeah, I love her, too- not because she was a queen (that's why my little girls LOVE her), but because she was courageous- I want to live "for such a time as this," too!

  3. Wow, tons of good stuff, Kendal. Thanks for the sharing. I'm excited to check into those Haitian creations and that white TX sheet cake! Yum.