Tuesday, May 20, 2014

and this is a hard goodbye

and this is a hard
leaving my first
at a hotel
i have to be in room 806 at 4:00
to depart for basic training
he'll be away ten weeks
no phone
no texts
no tweeting or rewteeting
i'm afraid i won't 

what fears have you faced with your children?

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  1. You'll know him again....with so many more wonderful things to know.

    1. I agree. They keep growing more amazing all the time.

  2. My secondborn moving with his young wife, from Texas to Oregon, to help plant a new church in the most underserved area the leaders can find. They will need jobs and other details. So young and adventurous and full of faith! (Them, not me. But I am so very proud of them.)

  3. Oh, Kendal -- I don't know this specific goodbye, but I know similar ones. I'm praying for you. I used to remind myself, "Imagine how I'd feel if they were sitting home, no drive, no vision, no desire. This is good." And what a young man he'll be when you see him next! Take care, my friend.

  4. My life has been full of hard goodbyes. Sending love your way from Chicago.


  5. Praying for you as I remember all to well the day I dropped my son off for boot camp to become a sailor. Sending hugs your way. Write lots and lots of letters!!

  6. Oh wow. Such few words, yet such weight in their meaning. Hugs and prayers to your mama-heart.

    Thanks for sharing at Unforced Rhythms, Kendal.

  7. A hard goodbye indeed! Mine is lifelong friends moving 4000 miles away. I wrote about that this week. My children have yet to fly from me...those will be hard goodbyes, too.

  8. Oh, Kendal. This is tough, really tough.

    I have faced fears with my sons going off to college, traveling, relationships...the list goes on. In fact, this is one area where I'm very vulnerable to anxiety. It's hard to trust the Lord with my boys. But, I realize that He loves them even more than I do, and He will hold them in His hands.

    Your boy will return home - and you will recognize him.


  9. Aw, Kendal... That is a hard goodbye. But it will be worth it. My husband has been there, done that personally when he went to basic training 10 years ago and just got of the trail as a drill sergeant last year.

    Write your son letter, tell him to drink lots of water (seriously-- staying hydrated is a must at basic training) and pray for him. His drills (and Jesus) will take care of him! Praying for the experience and your Mama's heart

    PS: Thanks for linking up with #EverydayJesus.

  10. Oh yes, that is hard! Will be praying about those 10 weeks with you. Ummm for us it's been issues like sending away for Boy Scout camping trips - and I thought those were rough on the Mama!