Sunday, October 5, 2014

on living the first peter

i finished 1 peter 3
my greenway friends william and lynn captured this light
before closing the book i
returned to the
finally, all of you, have 
unity of mind,
brotherly love,
a tender heart
a humble mind
i circled humble mind,
laced  up my asics
headed to the greenway for 
living out this humble mind
a little more than halfway in 
i practically pranced when i saw my average pace was
and i'm 44 years old!
i did a little cadence in my humble mind
9:09 and i'm 44
9:09 and i'm 44
9:09 and i'm 44
and then i heard chatter,
the talk of people 
riding bikes in a leisurely manner
and i thought
how sweet, a couple out for a morning ride
while i run these 9:09 miles
and then i heard...feet
what? not cyclists?
holding a normal conversation while practically 
sprinting past my 9:09?
how can this be?
i'm supposed to be the best out here today
they called out a cheerful 
good morning,
one even turning and running his 7:30 pace backward a few steps
and i guess
when we don't humble ourselves
He does it

what are your thoughts on humility? are we even capable of humbling ourselves?

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  1. You always know how to make me smile! You rock and if is been running with you you would have totally been ahead and waiting I me. I love you!!

  2. Oh I love how you can tell on yourself. I think we are capable of humbling ourselves because in scripture we are told to "humble yourself and he will lift you up". It wouldn't be there if we couldn't do it but I have seen many times as you state in this post - He will do it for us at times if we choose not to. And it's not something we can muster in our own strength. Humility comes from walking in step with the Spirit. And oh how I struggle with this.

  3. Anybody who doesn't struggle with humility is probably too proud to realize it yet. ;-) I know it's a constant battle for me too. And anytime I think I have it, that means it's gone.

  4. When I look at that verse, it seems like unity-sympathy-love-tenderness are all necessary to a humble mind. With all that love in us, we won't care so much who run the fastest or the prettiest. We'll just be glad to be there together, maybe.

  5. Hehe. This makes me smile. Any amount of meditation on humility seems to attract moments like these to us, doesn't it? ALL of us can relate to this, but what I love is that you tell us, because not all of us do that much. Thank you for joining up with Unforced Rhythms.

  6. Ha! Love this!!! I probably would have done the same thing. (I am smiling like a goofball right now.) I always love that quote that "Humility is not thinking less of yourself... it is thinking of yourself less." Don't ask me who said it-- someone famous?

    PS: I still say you celebrate a 9:09 min pace. I am not yet 44 and still can't hit a 9:09 pace consistently :-) Someday...

  7. Kendal,

    Grinning with you, and cheering you on for running at all, and for a 9 min pace! Don't worry about them.

    I was at once caught up in your winsome time in Scripture with God, and the poetic free verse thought process. Thank you for letting us in today, tasting that verse alongside you, seeing the humility and gentle kindness we're chasing too.

    Jennifer Dougan