Monday, August 8, 2016

meet the siblings

Carol, me, Allen, Cam, Katie, Mary

i came across an old poem today and was reminded that one of the reasons i love my siblings so much is that they make me laugh until i cry. this piece is entitled 51 because it belongs in a series....


two sisters and a brother and i watched
dad sleep in his chair yesterday
his legs practically running a marathon
we began discussing restless leg syndrome
only we call it
jumpy legs
the heebie-jeebies

me –

it feels like i have strings inside my leg bones
that come out the soles of my feet
someone starts pulling on them
like a marionette

katie –

it’s like my blood is running backwards
not angry backwards

cam –

my toenails itch….

katie –

oh yeah
itchy toenails is a
big sign
of the heebie-jeebies

and the laughing-till-we-cried?

soul food

what do you love about your siblings?

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