Monday, March 29, 2010

too many items for a facebook status

Soup season ends tomorrow - the last pot is on....

But that means snake season begins. No more cross-country runs until fall.

Please pray for...

Charlie - my husband's nephew. He is five weeks old and will undergo surgery on Wednesday to repair his ureters (tubes from kidneys to bladder) on Wednesday in Seattle. The parents are Chris's brother, Curtis, and his wife Lucy. Sisters are Ruth and Kate. They had to travel seven hours from their home in Montana to the children's hospital.

Rachel P. - one of my cheerleaders. She is a seventh grader and will also have surgery on Wednesday. She will have a small portion of her skull removed. I'm afraid to say anything else because I might not have it right. I know she'll be in Charlotte and will be hospitalized about a week and out of school for probably three weeks.

My brother, Cam, and his family. Tammy's birthday is Friday, and their son Cameron's on the 9th. They continue to brave the tough road of grief. I love them so, so much.


  1. Wow - so many heavy requests. I am praying right now for them all. There is power in prayer.

    Walk with the King!

    Ps. Your review should be up next week!

  2. Thanks for sharing. James and I will pray together for those.

  3. That says "Jake" but it's really me, Susan. :)