Saturday, August 7, 2010

dreama day

1. drop off football player for practice 7:45
2. wal-mart 8:00-8:35
markers – 25 packs
colored pencils – 3 packs
regular pencils – 4 packs
pens – 3 packs
paper – 6 packs
binders – 6 (varying sizes)
dividers – not sure how many jumped in the cart
highlighters – 3 packs
glue sticks – many
scissors – some
rulers – a few
kettle corn that isn’t as good as what Nana gets at Costco
checked out by Dreama who carded my forty-year-old twin sister in the winter. I count this as a personal victory and will always choose her line.
3. running 9:00 - imagined myself the victim of a hit and run accident. realized my doorways at home are too narrow for my wheel chair. would have to apply for extreme makeover home edition if the driver was uninsured. or never caught.
4. writing this list 10:45 - should be getting ready for the rest of the list
5. packing food for road trip – should be now
6. cook’s to buy athletic tape because Rite-Aid’s doesn’t stick 12:15
7. pick up football player at 12:30
8. baseball tournament 1.5 hours away 12:30-10:00

today’s list brought to you by the Hysteria Channel

Here's a cool, new-to-me blog I found: Bungalow '56. Check it out!


  1. amusing....thanks for sharing your day with us:)

  2. amusing....thanks for sharing your day with us:)