Saturday, August 21, 2010

on mirrors and truth

so the mirror and fluorescent lights
in the staff bathroom
at school
have joined forces
to attack
my self-esteem.
at home, my eyebrows
are awesome -
the wax job lasts
weeks, months even
but at school, i see the truth
the junior eyebrows
stand out in stark
to my white skin
i am positive
they are laughing at me.
at home, my hair
is lovely -
the sun streaks
enhance my mousy brown
but at school, more truth
the streaks of gray
mock me
so that i hang
my head, ashamed.
i wonder what
the lighting is
like in the
student restrooms....

I might want to avoid the truth about my eyebrows and gray hair, but I want to hold one truth high, shine light all over it, and that is that Jesus is the One and Only. I've spent more time on a daily basis in scripture this summer then I have in a long time, and I want to keep it going. To continue in truth. That means getting up even earlier than I did last year because I've always counted on evening time and it's not reliable. So....5:00 it is. And if the truth is awesome and I don't want to stop, I'll slap that gray hair into a ponytail real quick and head out the door!

PS: I loved Amber's post at the run amuck today. It's about her oldest going to kindergarten. Check it out.


  1. I love your frankness and the gift that God has given you with words.

  2. i love you. you are beautiful! cp

  3. i love you. you are beautiful! cp