Thursday, October 21, 2010

bottom line

district meeting
with the superintendent
made me want to quit
so many new
buzz words
(robust is apparently not just for coffee anymore)
i have a serious fear
that i, like the desktop computer,
will become obsolete
before i want to
become obsolete
i went from there
to visit my dad in the hospital
before i left him
he wanted to know
if i had printed
up any cards with
my name and picture
for the awards i am
sure to receive
for excellence in teaching
i left, crying,
thinking about the students
who will arrive on monday
i will love them
we will discover

linking up with emily for imperfect prose on thursday. Check it out for some great reads!


  1. smiles. thank you for being a teacher...we need good they leave deep impressions...i would not write today if not my my HS english teacher...

  2. Way to totally keep things in perspective!!

  3. Good. I love the part about your grandpa, how encouraging!

  4. oh, thank God for fathers. they believe in us when we don't. and God supplies these people in those broken moments, when we need propping up. keep believing, girl. and keep discovering. thanks so much for being who you are, and for linking. (and for your encouraging words)

  5. You are gonna be great! Dads are awesome. You can do it!!

  6. Well put - I don't need to be a teacher to relate to the mind-numbing presentations of a superior. I can picture you exiting the meeting with a deep sigh and a hearty "On with the show". Best wishes for your success.

  7. Oh Kendal, keep on, keeping on. You are valuable and what you give to your students is priceless!

  8. oh how precious are the encouraging words from a father!

  9. sigh. yes - i know this feeling. felt it today.

    praying for you - thankful for other teachers who love & persist, even through the trials.

  10. teaching is such an undervalued profession.
    I think my life was saved by some of the good ones.
    It seems my children have had mixed experiences, but overall it isn't an easy job at all. kudos to you.