Sunday, October 17, 2010

pride alert

the boys
leave piles
i hear hank's
name on the loud speaker
at jv football
and the voice of the eagles
pronounces it correctly
he's my boy
my first born
i used to rock him
and he's good

at soccer
the opposition's goalie
four four four watch four get four
and jack is
number four
a threat to the
red team
he's my boy
my little one
i used to rock him
and he's good

my heart swells
dangerously large though
when i hear them
about jesus
they're my boys
i used to rock them
and they are good


  1. As someone with no children, I am sometimes so jealous of you moms, whose whole life with their kids is such a picture perfect analogy to God's life with us.

    I read soccer, and football, but my heart hears beyond those words to our life, our love acts, played out before God. And I think he is saying, even when we don't score the goals or touchdowns,but at least get on the field and try, "Those are my children, I used to rock them, they are good."

    I've been a blog lurker here for a while. Sorry. But today you made me delurk. I couldn't resist. It's all your fault!

    I don't have a URL to leave yet - I can't blog until I read enough words, like yours, and so many other amazing mom bloggers, that I can write with heart as much as head. Bloggers like you, and Sarah Markley, and Amber Haines, And Robin at Pensieve, and Joanne (mylestones)and - oh - Ann Voskamp. You women are teaching me brilliantly - just by doing what you do. And I'm so glad that you Kendal, are part of the process. I'm blessed and ever so grateful. Thank you.

    And your words today, and not just today, but especially today, were poignant, stirring, uplifting - awesome.

    Again, thank you.

  2. Kendal,

    It's hard to believe we rocked these shining spirits isn't it?
    And my oldest is a boy btw .


  3. as a mother to 2 boys,
    I hear you.
    love this post. precious love.

  4. i feel the words within me, stellar Kendal!

  5. I had a chance Kendal to read your poetry reading in the sidebar. Very powerful. I am so glad you have put Ed to rest. Thank you for your wonderful poem today. Isn't it funny how often our bloggy mom lives hit a chord with others. Be sure if you have time to come back and leave a comment for the giveaway. I rooting for a regualr reader to win.

  6. As another mother of a son, this is so moving Kendal

  7. i feel the words within me, stellar Kendal!