Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a short trip, good cup of coffee and a tall mountain

So, last Thursday, I looked up. (Ropes course with the students.) That very night I. went. camping. It's not that I'm afraid of camping. I just don't like it. We ended up with a day off school and an open week for Hank's football team, so we traveled to Stone Mountain (NC not GA) with the kids. We got there practically in the dark. And somehow the boys and I ended up with tent and fire duty while Chris walked to the office to pay for the site. I couldn't do anything right. Got mad. Sulked most of the evening. Woke up Friday morning (my day off) to pain in my hip because the air mattress had deflated in the night. Ah, but I had remembered my french press:

And with the right coffee, came the right attitude. We hiked all morning - God's splendor was awe-inspiring.

And, at times, panic-inducing. I did not take the following photograph. I was stretching at the top, not looking down!

I've been out conquering small fears and dislikes. How about you? What challenges has God placed in your everyday life lately?


  1. Well, if you would have asked me a week ago, what challenges need conquering in my life? I would have said, who me? Um, I'm good.

    However, it has come to my attention that I may be holding on to a smidge of bitterness towards a certain family member. Yuck! I don't like bitter people, and I certainly don't want to be one.

    God is telling me to let little things go, and quit turning them into big things. However, I am not totally ready to hear that, and therefore, I will continue to be angry for this person for a tad longer.

  2. Oh, and ps love the pics. We haven't been there!

  3. Oh, and ps love the pics. We haven't been there!