Tuesday, November 9, 2010

life without

i want to write something lovely. inspiring. thought-provoking. hilarious. but here's the truth:
  1. it's 5:57 and we need to be out the door in 33 minutes. hair not fixed. no make up on.
  2. i hate what i'm wearing. i plugged in the iron a few minutes ago so i could get a fail-safe outfit ready.
  3. jack has awakened with a barking cough - he is not a fan of that. i should pay attention.
  4. i'm feeling a load of concern for a friend.
i have nothing. except. i didn't stir my oatmeal very well this morning and got a bite without any brown sugar. blech. made me think of a life without Jesus. just saying.

go blog hopping today! you'll find something way better than this.

chatting at the sky
finding heaven


  1. Really -- this is beautiful in a way that is real and authentic. The daily battle of life wages, and yet, we can still find insights from God in the mundane things like oatmeal. Remembering Him in the midst of chaos makes room for a bit of sweetness.

  2. This was awesome Kendal. When you have nothing, you have everything.

  3. I love this. Life continues even when we want to get deeper or write something thought provoking.... we just keep living and moving forward. And the parallel with the brown sugar and Jesus will make me smile for the rest of the day :) So. True.

  4. Like all the above I think this is one of the nicer, sweeter, more human, more beautiful things I've read today.

    Sorry to smile at your tough morning.

    The oatmeal without sugar analogy - that was magic - one day I'm gonna steal it.

    Got a little confused on the "comment as" thing - no blog until next monday.

    Anyway - your post was a masterpiece.

    God Bless

  5. Love your honesty here~ refreshing, and I can totally identify. Praying that today you see more of Jesus in the every day~ and that I would see him in my oatmeal. Life is a series of so-called regular moments woven in with the spectacular ones... I needed the reminder that Jesus is in even my mundane. Blessings and Thanks!

  6. Love your realness and honesty because you know, sometimes that's all we can do. And truthfully, I have to say that there is art in a post such as this, so rejoice! Writing from the heart is what matters.

    Great to meet you - I'm going to come back and do more reading later today!

  7. i really do love the simplicity of this. love it in that way that "i just got off the phone with my sister" kind of way.

  8. I think you made a "hit" with this entry. We've all been there and you made me feel bad for not participating today because I didn't have any inspiration. I think I need to rethink that.

    Blessings to you!

  9. i had oatmeal this morning too and was a tad over-enthusiastic with the milk. and now i'm thinking there's a lesson in that as well, just waiting to be unearthed. (too much of the world waters down Jesus? if i follow his instructions, things turn out much tastier? um, yeah. pretty lame. i need to borrow your brain for this one.)

  10. I think this is GREAT! I sit here in nearly the 'same' things going on right here and it has brought a little humor to my situation the way you put it out there! First time over here and loved it, I'm comin' back. I needed that~ha!

  11. I think we're gonna be friends. Just sayin'.

  12. So many times I feel like I need to be all that, to have those pearls for my blog. I appreciated your post more than you know. It gave me an idea for today.

  13. I love this - if only I were so brave as to just be honest - some days there is nothing...and I wait...nothing still...to write a blog post on. Today was truly one of those days. Actually, I sat in front of my computer yesterday night and nothing. I said to my husband - I must go to bed - cause I have nothing...then I woke and still nothing...so I pulled out one of the books I needed to review and surprisingly something came...and well 150 comments later...God worked mysteriously despite me. And that is the joy of being a vessel used by God - it is all him...because truly without him - I've got nothing! Like oatmeal without the sugar - blek!

    You encourage me!

  14. LOL, always a fan of your lists, love your honesty and always walked away wanting to speak truth like you when I grow up and be ok with it.

    The oatmeal, hehe, that's funny.

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  16. This was awesome Kendal. When you have nothing, you have everything.