Wednesday, April 6, 2011

southern living

i have published this before as a note on facebook, but not on my blog. bojangles is a popular fast food restaurant here in the southern united states. it features spicy fried chicken and hot buttery biscuits. all day long.  this is for my husband, chris. who is just so dear. and loves this chicken. it's always the first stop after one of his trips!

chris noticed a
bojangles box
on the side of
the road as we
drove into town
did you see the box?
could you tell what was in it?
on the way back
home he goes
i missed the box
you wannna go back?
no (it was a big no with a sigh)
do you think about
bojangles a lot?
yeah, doesn’t everybody?
uh, no
i bet they do
no, they don’t
do you
really think about
bojangles everyday?
well, at least fried chicken
you think about fried chicken
ummm, yes
deep, deep
yoga breathing
as I ponder
the fact
that I really
know very
little about
this man

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  1. This conversation makes me grin. There are sparkles in this discovery, way better than the lint of boredom.

  2. The things you learn!!

    And nope, no Bojangles down here in NZ :-)

  3. mean you dont think about bojangles? smiles.

  4. oh this is awesome on so many levels.

    i feel the same way about coffee shops.

  5. How neat...more to learn about each other!


  6. Ha, ha...this is just hilarious because way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and obviously Bojangles is some serious competition!

  7. Too funny! Here you're probably pondering all the suffering in the world, what your place is here on earth, and Chris is thinking about chicken. ;)

  8. LOL
    oh kendal... i laughed out loud with this one, and my husband wondered at what i was reading... anyway, this reminds me SOOOO much of my dear hubby who thinks about KFC chicken all the time. :) God knows we need these dear, dear men...

  9.'s funny and sounds so much like conversations I've had with my Loverbrains. Some men have funny connections to food, eh?

  10. Hmmm...I'll have to find one of these if it makes a man think about it every day. My husband has a love/hate relationship with our KFC. Loves the food and hates the service. The people who work there are consistantly incompetent. Fun post!

  11. LOL - this is great. Do we really know our husbands like we think we do. Thanks for linking up today.

  12. Isn't crazy what sometimes occupies our men's minds? No wonder they don't remember half of what they say -- they are too busy thinking about friend chicken!

  13. now this is FUNNY! sounds a little to much like my brain...really!

  14. *laughing* They are so different sometimes, that's for sure!

  15. ha! i love it. the countermelody of husbands makes for some beautiful, funny stuff.

  16. Jennifer_StudioJRUApril 9, 2011 at 5:20 PM

    LOL... that is too funny! We are always learning something new about our husbands, aren't we? :)

  17. OMG...have you ever seen "the nothing box"'s Mark Gungor's videos on the difference in how men and women funny! He's a minster and my son introduce DH and myself to him last time we went to visit. I would love to see Mark speak...enjoy ;)
    btw..I think about Popeyes Chicken now that they've opened one up here in Raleigh, NC...yummy
    It's Sat. night and DH is watching Nascar so I'm taking the time to catch up on my blog hops. Having a great time with the Sneak Peak Friday and all you wonderfully talented woman...almost intimiated ;) Have a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Roberta