Sunday, May 22, 2011

upon summer's start

riding with windows down
i smell honeysuckle and kudzu and fresh cut grass
the baby bluebirds left their nest
but i see them perching
on the fence chris erected yesterday
to protect the garden
from deer
i bought a bell for my shoe
because it's bear season
and they roam this mountain
but i run anyway

the world is humming
i know it's a god thing
i'm singing along

and thankful for these:

171. my husband who builds fences of protection
172. our bible study class
173. my girl, the one i mentor, who is brave
174. fresh salad
175. cha ca (click here for recipe)
176. scrabble on the kindle
177. my students who are awesome

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ann for 1000 gifts
jen for soli deo gloria


  1. So what is kudzu, I am wondering? Intriguing!

    Oh, and the bear bell on your shoe, brave girl! I'll never forget the experience of hiking in Glacier National Park -- I thought I was going to have a heart attack the whole time, I was so afraid we'd run into a bear!

    Happy week, happy spring, happy lovely scent of freshly mowed grass!

  2. Bears and Bells...I need to look into that. Love your list of gifts this week!

  3. michelle - kudzu is a weed/vine that takes over everything (i mean whole trees, buildings....) - a japanese plant introduced to the US. it's ugly and intrusive, but has a definite summer smell.

  4. You rock. Saying your students are awesome at the end of the year. Let's just say my students are making my gratitude list this week.

    ps I never heard of kudzu before I moved here. It's a CRAZY weed.

  5. Drinking in this time of year too! Such renewal and loveliness!

    Bears and bells...hahaha, clever!

  6. You are awesome! bells on shoes to run mountains with bears roaming...honestly amazing! and love this all esp. as Ames said...awesome kids/students. way to live girl!!

  7. I know what kudzu is -- I read Jan Karon's books! I'm thankful for my students, too, in several ways. I'm thankful they have their summer and I have mine. But I do love them...we just need a little time apart. (Hey, they're teenagers!)

  8. the smell of earth is one thing I never tire of. and bells? funny but not..i'm sure it could save a life. your garden is beautiful:)
    keep singing

  9. So, I now know what kudzu is . . . thanks.

    I always love reading your poetic writing and your gratitude list. You encourage me.


  10. glad you're wearing bells.
    and your poem reminded me of the song by Amos Lee: "Windows are Rolled Down". one of my current favorites.

  11. Roaming with bears. Oh my.

    Love the pics of the garden. I need to protect mine from mockingbirds! Off to get some more netting before the tomatoes turn red.

  12. Your garden is beautiful! Love hearing about your brave girl. What a blessing to have her in your life, and you in her life! Fresh salad is the best! :)

  13. I could be thankful for the Cha ca, too! Your garden is amazing. I'm sure you'll enjoy the fresh veggies.


  14. How wrong is it that as I read your lovely post, the one thing I said out loud was, "You can play SCRABBLE on a Kindle??"
    Love you!

  15. The smell of honeysuckle always tells me that summer is really almost around the corner...

    Inspiring photos of your lovely garden...mine is quite small and just starting :)

    Mrs. M.

  16. I loved the rhythmic tone of this post. Beautiful. :)

  17. I love the bell on your shoe and running anyway. Yes, there are bears out there (lions and tigers too)...and we should run anyway!

    I'm impressed with how far along your garden is already! We just put seed in this week.