Thursday, May 19, 2011

every good and perfect gift

i'm quadruple-booked tonight
quintuple if i count
chris' speaking engagement.
so it was
fast food in the car
at a baseball field
waiting on a coach
so i could drive 15 miles the other direction
to take the other boy
to his games
and then back to work for PTSO
and then back to a baseball field
to pick up
and not getting to go to
book club
and not getting any quiet time
that time when i'm so lucky
to have
pool (not our own)
and i almost wrote my
in front of each item on that list
as if it was. mine.

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  1. Sweet. Out of breath, sweet.

  2. Oh my. I think I am tired just reading this ;) So glad you will have some time soon.

    I laughed out loud about the my thing because I do it all the time...sometimes I just need some ownership you know :P

    Love to you sweet Kendal.

  3. I love that you are counting yourself as so blessed through these busy days.

  4. Wow, what a day!!! And I thought life was busy around these parts :p

  5. we are blessed silly, all of us. your sight is so clear.

  6. kendal, i loved this. maybe because i am so busy, so crazy lately. And maybe because i often want things to be mind, but they're His.
    enjoy that quadruple-booked evening tonight!

  7. AS a mom, these are typical days for most of us. Running around in circles, usually literally. Those times of rest that are given us are truly to be honoured.

  8. how do you do it? make poetry out of life? love you...

  9. Caleb's T-ball season is coming to a close, and I'm a little sad as I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my five-year-old in his first sport. But I have often wondered, how am I going to do this when the other two get involved in a sport/activity, as well?!

    I love your attitude, and I hope you get a nice day full of rest soon! :)

  10. Wow, you are busy! Wishing you some quiet time soon. I used to run all over with three boys, now grown. Have no idea how I ever got everything done. Now they are doing it with their own kids. =)

    You'd think it would be quieter now but we recently started having to get 3 people (husband, stepson and me) to work/home sharing 2 cars so it's still crazy. I have to plan ahead very carefully to get everything we need for a week when I'm not going to have a car and am carpooling. A challenge!

  11. I'm with everyone else, seems really busy to me. Glad that "your time" does come around, time to focus in Him and you (and a little bit us :)