Sunday, May 15, 2011

seeing my girl and passing notes

i have to admit that i struggled to pay attention in church today. i drove several hours to join my girl, the one i mentor, and we were so excited to see each other....we passed notes during the sermon. like ten-year-olds. but there was a pastor on a video screen and he talked of sabbath and rest and holy and sovereignty and it is finished. and i hadn't thought about god not needing to rest but he rested. because he was finished. and he set in us a need for the rest that we might reflect on him and on his son who also said it is finished. i'm thinking that i don't do it enough. this rest.

and for these i am thankful:

164. 300 miles in the honda
165. sheetz coffee
166. church in a downtown storefront
167. my girl, the one i mentor, singing beside me
168. lunch with sister and her kids
169. empanadas and rhubarb pie
170. my boys waiting for me at the end of 300 miles

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  1. So glad you got to see your girl. I guess I didn't realize she was a few hours from you.

  2. I always love when you write about your dear girl. And it sounds like she is doing well -- so wonderful that you and she enjoyed church side by side.

    And this rest? Yeah, I don't do it. Hardly ever. But it was coooooold and overcast and windy this weekend, and I did a lot more reading (in bed!) than I typically do. And it was good (pun intended!).

    Have a wonderful week, Kendal...

  3. I didn't realize how far she was from you either. How did you meet her? And now that I asked the question, I realize you don't have that other comment system. Disque? or something like that?

  4. Oh rest! It just sounds dreamy. I know I need to make that choice. Thanks for the nudge.
    With Joy, Carey

  5. "the one i mentor, singing beside me"

    what a blessing.

  6. Sometimes I feel guilty about needing or wanting to rest. I feel like I should be doing something. Anything. Just not sitting still or (gasp!) napping. But this idea that even God rested? Well now. Maybe it's not such a bad thing after all.

  7. I too, am needing rest, simplicity, less of 'things'. More of Him.

  8. If only more women were willing to be mentors. . . how it would change the world! It was a blessing to me just to read this. Thank you!

  9. Girl, I love Sheetz coffee too! Thanks for sharing your list.

  10. How wonderful to attend church with your girl! And sing together. Precious time. I agree... I need to work on the rest thing. Harder than you think! lol

  11. I love that you were passing notes in church. :) And I love that you do rest, you rest in the Grace that this is okay. Well done, friend. (found you through soli deo gloria)

  12. Working on rest. Funny thing for me to type, but I need to. Thanks for this sweet list. I came over from Ann's.

  13. sitting in church and "being the church" are two different things and how cool that you got to experience both with your girl. You seem to "be the church" during the week and how awesome you got to sit in church with her this weekend. She is a lucky girl to have you in her life. I pray that my kids will have mentors and godly people in their lives besides us that can pour into them in ways that reinforce the truth of God's love and power. It's a healthy thing....this Body of Christ working together. I just love what you're doing.

  14. Glad you saw your sweet girl this weekend. It struck me during Lent that on the Sabbath Christ's body rested in the tomb. Even in the crucifixion He rested on the Sabbath. I had thought about Good Friday and Easter but never really contemplated the time in between. And on the seventh day God rested.

  15. Sheetz makes me think you were driving through Pennsylvania.

    "Your girl" is blessed. I love how seeing her is a blessing to you, too.


  16. I think we were brainwashed to believe that we have go, go, go. As I read your words, I kept thinking that the elders had it right that we do nothing on the Sabbath, but to join in fellowship with God and each other. Something I need to realize ourselves.

  17. I would agree with you. This "rest" we don't do enough of. And when we do it is to our benefit. So happy for your 300 miles that brought you to your girl...the one you mentor.
    Schoolgirls passing that sounds like fun:)

  18. okay, i don't mean to sound like a crank, but i think i'm losing patience with women saying "i need to rest more". it can become a false humility, our busy-ness (i am just as guilty as the next gal!). when we choose to do nothing, we acknowledge our own inability to do ANYthing. because, for real, HE does it all anyway...He just happens to let us be part of the process by His grace and mercy, ya know?

    oh, and...rhubarb pie? awesome! :)

  19. What . . . a good coffee I have never heard of yet?

    I love your mentoring heart.


  20. Sorry I'm so late for SDG...Love your list, and rhubarb pie!

  21. Rest. Nothing, yet Everything.

    My once restless life has come to ultimate rest. I pray for you, through the days of life that rest can be obtained; if only for a moment.

    In rest His arms embrace our soul. Our surroundings are blurred with clarity on Him alone.