Wednesday, May 11, 2011

in my asics

(no ipod)
and i hear
the crunch of gravel
bluebird song and creek talk
the crackle of power lines overhead
squirrels scurrying through fall’s leaves
my breath,
rhythmic and heavy
and i remember that breathing is god’s name
the inhale
the exhale
the holy onomatopoeia
and i remember that praying
doesn’t have to be words
we do not know
what we ought to pray for
but the Spirit himself
intercedes for us with
that words cannot express
the inhale
the exhale
and this is beautiful
because i don’t know how to pray
for the motherless
for the childless
for my girl, the one i mentor
so i breathe, YAHWEH
i breathe, YAHWEH
i breathe, YAHWEH
i breathe.

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  1. First, beautiful. I hardly ever run without music, but you have captured music of your own.

    Second, I run in asics too!

  2. you keep breathing that simple prayer...the spirit will form the words...very nice...

  3. I've been feeling like this too Kendal...and I am soooo thankful for your words tonight. I know this breathing. When I run. So I can relate and really appreciate where this comes from..I'm so thankful He is in the midst of all life and it doesn't depend on my words...or me.

  4. Been thinking about His name...Yahweh, lately. Not sure why. Interesting.


  5. Love that when we have no words....the Spirit does!!

  6. I breathe Yahweh. It doesn't get any better than that.

  7. Thank you for this reminder. I really needed to hear that.

  8. yes, since I read that at Ann's place, there have been moments of boggled thoughts turned to prayers in breathing Yahweh. (No runnin' though. Don't like it. I walk. :P )

  9. I love the repetition of YAHWEH...We always talk about 'spiritual breathing' in our ministry--it's a term Bill Bright coined in his little booklet on the Holy Spirit, now called 'Satisfied?' Then Lisa-Jo did her 'deep breath' this week and I went back to it and then my other blog friend wrote about YAHWEH and breath too and you! I love how He pursues us in our weariness and gives us one beautiful nugget to stay ourselves upon...thank you friend!

  10. Ah, the breath of life. I love it, Kendal.

    Love it!

  11. I LOVED this, Kendal. Seriously. It was like I was running on the trail with you and breathing in HIM. Really perfectly written. Love reading your words, friend.

    As always, of course. :)

  12. This is so beautiful Kendal. Breathing is His name. Love, love, love! :)

  13. “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

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  14. I love this.
    I also like what you said in the latest post about being still.
    I feel still when I'm running (when I'm alone) . It is prayer. It is .