Sunday, May 8, 2011

in which i write the parent piece of hank's tenth grade autobiography

hgp (thankful #163)

the nurse brought him in (2:00 am. screaming.)
and stated the obvious
he’s crying
and i thought
what do you think i should do about it?
don’t you work here?
with babies?
every night?
but i took him
held him
and now he’s fifteen
and he walks up the hill from the locker room
guitar slung over his shoulder
looking just like his dad
but with Finley hair and green eyes

it was about words from early on
light was first
he made up names for people
dovwaf was a common one
he learned letters at two
reading at four
and now he’s fifteen
and he writes his world history homework
in latin for the fun of it

he was the little man and wanted us to
play with him. always.
hot wheels
boards games (sorry. scrabble. boggle. monopoly. chess.)
and now he’s fifteen
and outside playing wiffle ball with his brother
and still plays board games when on break
from guitar

and came the sports
basketball (most of one season)
and now he’s fifteen
and i can’t remember the time
before bleachers
team pictures
team snacks
and yelling
here we go hank

church. always church. since he was two weeks old
and there was
nursery (with copious tears)
big church
sunday school
racing those RA cars
that he and his dad worked on together
knowing Jesus
and now he’s fifteen
and it’s youth band
rocking out on his acoustic
getting to know the microphone

he was shy before middle school
hanging back
speaking little
never wanting to stand out
no, really.
and now he’s fifteen
and there’s the
dolphins jacket
volunteering in class
leading fca. latin club. youth band.
painting himself green for a basketball game
going for the laugh

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  1. Beautiful! I bet your precious Hank blushed when he read your post. I pray that I can write as lovely a tribute to my son when he is 15. :)

  2. Very nice. My son is 7 and I am trying to savor these times with him. He will be 15 before I know it. Thanks.

  3. You've recounted the special things that make him who he is. Love this.

  4. so sweet! Sounds like a pretty cool kid!

  5. This just brought tears to my eyes -- the maturity, the goodness, the presence of God in a child. Wonderfully written, beautiful mother.

  6. Oh Kendal,
    I thought the same thing when the nurse woke me and handed me my first born. I shouldn't be holding a baby. I'm exhausted because I just gave birth!

    This post reminded me to stop and enjoy this time. The hospital seems so long ago.

  7. What a lovely post about the things that we are privileged to witness in our children's lives. It is sometimes hard to remember them so little, but when they are sleeping I see that little person I held at the hospital and wonder how I was so blessed. (However, don't ask me that when they are all yelling and screaming.)

  8. love, Love, LOVE. Thank you for sharing your heart so such a Kendal way. Hank is lucky to have such a great mom.

  9. RA cars -- we did that! And I SO love that he's into Latin! What a sweet, lovely post. Enjoy fifteen. It's cool, and there's still so much to look forward to.

  10. oh, what a beautiful parent piece for a stunning son. gorgeous, kendal. all of it. all of him.

  11. Beautiful. Your writings always touch my heart. Maybe it's time to take the ? off the writer in your "about me." :-)

  12. Love!!! what a son...I know it will be a blink and my 3 will turn 15...beautiful to journey with you and just, wow!...mama heart