Sunday, June 19, 2011

any dream will do

joseph and the amazing
technicolor dreamcoat
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admission -
i am a story junkie -
short stories
tv crime dramas
i've read a short story
watched three episodes
of the closer today
my favorite story of
all. time.
is that of joseph
in the last chapters of genesis
it's a saga of
rich characters
suspenseful plot
triumph of good over evil
and a good ending
a twitteresque summary
based on genesis 50:20:
joseph to his brothers,
you intended to harm me,
but god intended it for
to accomplish what is
the saving of many lives
are you a story junkie, too?
whether you read it
in a book
on an ipad
on a kindle
or listen to it
on your ipod
take time to revel
in genesis 37-50
it rocks my world

and for these i am thankful:

211. text messaging with my girl, the one i mentor
212. time with family on father's day
213. time on the phone with husband
214. rain
215. nanas who come visit
216. papas who help
217. book - a thousand trails by hugh steven - a story worth reading
218. boys who laugh with me
219. good finds at goodwill (an anthology of short stories for $.75)


michelle for hear it on sunday, use it on monday
ann for 1000 gifts
jen for soli deo gloria


  1. That is such a great story. I need to reread it - I think it would be timely for me to do that this week. It seems to go along with everything else God is teaching me.
    And now I am singing many Joseph songs. "I close my eyes, draw back the curtain..." :)

  2. Genesis 50:20 is a scripture GOD reminds me of often...what others mean for evil, GOD will use for that truth.

  3. you had me with the Joseph story....
    love it . love.

  4. I love Joseph's story so forgiving bit tinged with humor - he realized the brothers might never change as he sent them home to fetch his Dad & said don't quarrel on the way.

  5. I absolutely love a good story to get lost in! I often have to keep myself from fiction so that I don't get totally distracted by the story!
    I also like to people watch and wonder what their stories are!

  6. This section of Scripture is one of my favorites, too. Joseph experienced one trial after the other and never thought his time would come, but sometimes it takes those trials to put us in the right place at the right time. Not only did God raise him up, but the very ones who put him in the pit had to face him in the palace.

    The Bible is filled with wonderful characters and stories that not only teach us about God's grace and redemption, but offer a great read as well!

  7. I love thrift storing..and that is one of my favorite stories as well. I LOVE that verse..that God can take something intended for evil and use it for save many. He still is that God today.
    praying safety and many lives changed for your husband too!

  8. Such a great story! Yay for nana visits! I love good finds from goodwill! Wonderful list! :)

  9. Yup, bigtime story junkie here. Except I hate telling my kids bedtime stories. I said to Rowan once, "Mommy doesn't tell stories," and he answered, "What do you write on your blog then?" Totally busted.

    You have inspired me to return to the Joseph story in Genesis.

  10. oh, have you abandoned Disqus?...well, I love all of this...and so agree about the Joseph story...nice to check in quick and tell you thank you for your friendship and especially YOUR PRAYERS:)

  11. You sure can pack in a lot to very few words .. not one on the skills I have mastered.

    I'm your newest follower. I wanted to let you know about a Meme called “Pay It Forward” @ A Life-Size Catholic Blog. If you can find time to link up with this new Meme it’s a great way to grow our blogging community. Check it out at:
    Many blessings…

  12. Oh yes -- what gets me in my gut every time -- what you intended for harm, my God intends for good. Such redemption!!

  13. I'm addicted to stories too, but for me it isn't just the written stories. I like to meet someone and really learn about them, really learn what makes them who they are.

  14. It's so easy to pass by those stories and not see the essence in them. Even now reading the verse you included makes me reflect on what God is continually telling me. Thank you my friend.

  15. I love stories, and I love that everyone has a story to tell. I like what Amy Sullivan said-meeting someone and finding out their story. The Other Nut and I met and talked with 2 homeless men Saturday night, Johnny and Edward, and as we left, I looked at my husband and said "everyone has a story to be told." Lovely post.

  16. I so remember the first time my mom read the story of Joseph to me as a kid. Each night she would stop in a suspenseful part and make us wait til the next night. Clever mom.