Friday, June 17, 2011

home - shortest five minute friday writing ever, i bet

okay. i'm linking up with a blog called the gypsy mama for five minute friday. lisa-jo offers a prompt and writers take five minutes to respond. i've been afraid of this as sometimes my ideas come quickly, but more often than not, i spend a couple of hours on ten lines. so, you might get another haiku! this week's prompt is home.


square logs
hand-hewn from our mountain's trees
her offering
to the wide-eyed, idealistic
young couple
who sketched it out
and watched it grow
thirteen years
and the logs stand strong
enveloping a family -
home within home


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  1. i love it kendal!! Few words but painted such a wonderfully warm picture.

  2. I thought it was fantastic. So glad you linked up today. :)

  3. Nicely done. I love the image of the logs enveloping your family. Through your words, I see them standing with strength and love, protecting you from harm.

  4. Beautiful. So simple but says so much.

  5. Beautiful picture said with the fewest words. Fabulous!

  6. Your home is so perfect. It fits you. I've been seeing gypsy momma's five minute fridays all over. I may give it a try!

    As for my new comment system. . .it is intense debate, and we aren't on real friendly terms either. Too often when I try to respond to a comment or add an additional comment, I get the spinny circle and then get booted off. I will say that I love the email alerts and easy access to people's email. Installing it erased all previous comments though.