Wednesday, June 15, 2011


for all you voyeurs, this is what's up in my world. oh, and i've included two of my brother's photos to wow you.
  1. i spoke with chris (who is in guatemala) for 37 minutes on monday, our anniversary. he and the team (this is a wycliffe trip) are doing well. headed to villages for the remainder of the stay. this is a sort of training trip for him as he will lead future trips for college students into areas in which wycliffe is active.
  2. my younger son, jack, makes me laugh a lot. today he said, one time i tasted a boomerang. it was good. i wanna taste another one some day. i have so many thoughts and questions.....
  3. hank, the older son, asked me to play a game over the weekend. i beat out facebook and guitar to play boggle. i won.
  4. i'm reading the immortal life of henrietta lacks by rebecca skloot. i'm intrigued by a book that delves into science. what that means is this book is well-written. i'm not a fan of science if i am the one studying it.
  5. and the pigs and garden? growing. pictures to follow when chris comes home with our camera!
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  1. I'm thinking about taste testing Mitchell's boomerang that his grandparents brought back from Australia after reading this. Ha, I'm kidding. That was pretty funny about your son.

  2. Okay wow. Those photos are amazing!!

    And I am loving your latelys! Your sons sound fabulous. And so glad you got to talk to your hubby on your anniversary.

    Thanks for joining us this month sweet Kendal!

  3. okay - finished the aforementioned book. LOVED. it really isn't ALL about science. the author has woven in the fascinating story of a family struggling to make it in baltimore, md. also, some of the proceeds of the book go to a foundation that's aim is to pay for henrietta lacks's descendents to study in college.

  4. Jack and the boomerang? Don't probably don't want to know.

    I love that you reign at Boggle. My boys will hardly play Scrabble or Boggle with me. Something about me being an English teacher and it being unfair...

    Love the photos! Happy anniversary, too.

  5. Did you ask him what a boomerang tastes like? Probably chicken. :)

  6. Hey - I am definitely glad to find this. Good job!

  7. LOL...sounds like something my kids would do...lick things, that is!

    Lovely photos.

  8. What amazing pictures! And I can't wait to see more (especially the pigs and the garden!). Praying you are off a "rest-filled" summer. May God fill your days with tons of joy!
    Sweet blessings ~
    Cindy :)

  9. Amazing photos!! The lightening is incredible and truly shows the power of our Father!

  10. the photos WOWed me for sure. pigs in the garden? and a kid tasting a boomerang lol! i'm gonna follow to hear err read more about this. LOL

  11. I have many questions about the boomerang, too! But do agree with the commenter that said "it probably tastes like chicken"...LOL!!!

    Those lightning pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing a snippet of your week with us!!!

  12. I plan to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks later this summer - I hear it's really good!

    (Popping over from the wiegands!)

  13. Sounds like you are up to a whole lot of fun.

  14. kids say the most random and hilarious things. Great pic, too!

  15. congratulations on your anniversary! and i'm praying for his safe return...
    i loved the home w/i a home above... lovely, as are the photos.
    and yay for boggle and time spent with your son! :)
    love the gray...
    hope you've been wellxo

  16. Love the photos! Amazing! So happy to hear you were able to talk to your husband on your anniversary! A good tasting boomerang... too funny! :)