Wednesday, June 8, 2011

more thankful which isn't enough thankful

sometimes i feel too squishy
sometimes i pine for the ocean
sometimes i get uptight about gas prices
sometimes i am angry about the
number of entries on my calendar
these have been on my mind today
but then i read a blog post
from emily
recently returned from the philippines
and the juxtaposition
of my thoughts against
extreme poverty awash in extreme grace
drove me away from
wallowing in self-absorption
and to
that calendar so full where i scrawled thankfuls

195. mango juice on the calendar
196. watering the garden
197. dirt on my shirt
198. baseball
199. a loquacious child
200. hank’s guitar
201. turkey hens and chicks blocking the road
202. running water and electricity and knowing there is food
203. knowing god and that he sends and provides

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  1. Yes. Sometimes all it takes it looking outside ourselves to change us on the inside...

  2. smiles. having our perspective adjusted is a good thing...

  3. A loquacious child--a gift indeed! I followed Emily's posts from the Philippines as well, having traveled there to adopt our son. It was humbling, being taken back there with her.

  4. Oh, Emily's posts were powerful.

    "Drove me away from wallowing in self-absorbtion" such a great line, Kendal.

    So really, over your summer break if you are in the A-ville area, I would love to meet for coffee.

  5. This was a great post. I needed it today as after I read it, I was faced with the opportunity to not be so self absorbed and to see that opportunity as something to be thankful for. Thanks!

  6. Oh so well said Kendall.
    Thank you for the perspective.....

  7. This was brilliant and JUST what I needed to read today. Thank you so much.

  8. I read that post too. I sure does put life into perspective.

  9. Perspective is always a blessing - often we need a change in ours. Thanks for sharing and reminding! God bless!

  10. I loved that post...what a beautiful response to it you have had!


  11. I hear you on the anger over calendar too full. And thankfulness is the cure for sure. Love this, Kendal.

  12. i'm so glad you're in my life.

  13. Loves those things that help us turn away from self-absorption and help us to be grateful for the little things. Beautiful post Kendal! :)

  14. We also follow the Compassion bloggers on all of their trips and it's always hard and yet enlightening at the same time. We picked another child to sponsor and I can't wait to share his information this week. Hope you have a great week. Fondly, Roberta