Sunday, July 31, 2011

contented sigh

my girl,
the one i mentor,
is home!
and she sat
with me for worship
the two of us,
the ones
who believed that
thinness was a rescue
emptiness could save,
who, oh lord, could save themselves,
their own soul could heal?
our shame was deeper than the sea
your grace is deeper still
and i'm full
with loving this girl
and i'm full
with thanks for
the true rescue
and i'm full

counting my gifts to 1000:

272. the lone cantaloupe that survived the raccoons
273. cooking for my family
274. my husband who does dishes
275. my children who empty the dish washer
276. growing pigs
277. white water rafting with privette guys
278. hilarious text messages from my brother
279. the couple who helped me find my lost cart in wal-mart
280. chocolate ice cream mixed with nutella
281. being thankful for food (if i liked all-caps, i would use it here)

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  1. I'm picturing it now, the two of you sitting together in worship. Awesome! Praising Him with you and will keep praying for your girl.

  2. Celebrating with you and your precious girl, Kendal! And giggling a little, too, over #279. Thank God for patient and kindly strangers, eh?!

    Wishing you a lovely week...

  3. So thankful for your time with her, a time to worship together what God has done.

  4. Gives me chills!!!! Love # 274 too...nothing better than not having to do dishes!!!

  5. Ahhh! Excited, excited to hear about your girl!

  6. Visiting from Ann's place. What a beautiful gift to be given in those moments in worship with your precious daughter! Love your list. Have a beautiful day!

  7. Rejoicing with you today! I was thankful for cooking this week after being away and out of my home and kitchen for a couple of weeks!


  8. Thank YOU LORD! I had not heard the Matt Redman song before so I listened, and now I can picture you and your sweet girl better..

  9. What a beautiful testimony! That one word says it all - full.

  10. Amazing, your girl and you at church, worshiping together. Freedom!

    But how did you lose your cart at WalMart?

  11. I have never had nutella but keep seeing it. I am going to have to try it!
    And I was curious about the cart too? :)

    It was fun stopping by here, so glad I did from Jen's place.

  12. I am so filled with joy reading your words and I don't like caps either:) even though I used them here. your full...sign

  13. This is beautifully written and captures the spirit of that joined worship so beautifully.

  14. What a joy to worship while you invest! (and I concur w/ #281 whole heartedly!)

  15. That is so wonderful to worship together with your girl! What a gift for one cantaloupe to survive. How nice for a couple to help you find your lost car! :)

  16. i love you so much. if i ever cried, i might cry right now.
    it's amazing to see the people rooting for me that i don't even know.
    praise the lord!