Friday, July 1, 2011

five-minute-friday: welcome

writing for five minutes on welcome....


staring out the window
watching the mother bluebird
come and go
somehow she knows
what to do
and will soon welcome
four babies
and then she will know
how to feed them
how to keep up with them as fledglings
when my older was born
i readied for him -
the baby showers
the crib
the clothes washed and folded neatly
the cradle his daddy handcrafted
when i welcomed him into this world
i had no idea what to do with him
where was that bluebird's innate sense
of how to bathe an infant
or how to comfort the crying
or (now) how to help
him make tough decisions?
he will turn sixteen
in one week
i welcome this new stage
i believe that god hasn't given me
all the answers
all the bluebird's sense of
how to raise him
so that i will


click here to check out lisa-jo's five minutes on her return to family in south africa....i am hooked on reading her story!


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I would take the question mark off the end of that "writer" in your profile. :) Writer. Definitely.

    Have a blessed day, thanks for sharing. Found you at Five Minute Friday, by the way. Glad to "meet" you!

  2. I've never thought of it that way - not getting answers to my mommy-questions in order to build faith.
    lovely comparison of birds and human mothering.

  3. so powerful!! You have such a gift, Kendal. Thank you for sharing!
    xo cindy :)

  4. love this.
    so original.
    good insight.

  5. i think you knew more than you think you do...but i love how you see it and how all of our sense of need makes us cling to Him. if we knew just what to do...where would we need Him??!! the bluebird is of simpler stuff, so somehow she knows it's all Him who cares for her and so she cares so sweetly to remind us of Him:)

  6. Such good insight and wonderfully written - thank you!

  7. amen! I am no blue bird either!! but He does require faith of us...and so we won't ever have all the answers! Congratulations on making it sixteen years without losing your mind!!! And....totally random, but I just finished Three Little Words and absolutely loved it! I think that I found it on your blog, so thanks!!!!

  8. Wow..I totally loved your take on the word 'welcome'....the eggs, children, ...