Monday, July 4, 2011

the right title will come to me later, i'm sure

i want to list the wrong things today
  • i have a headache, again
  • we're buying a car for hank - eeeeeek
  • and paying for his gas
  • and paying for the insurance
  • i cried in front of visitors at church yesterday because i missed my nephew and felt so bad for the man with whom i was speaking because his son died on father's day
  • my girl, the one i mentor, has gone silent, which means she's really struggling
i will not wallow
i refuse to live under a pall of dark
because god has given me oh so much
and i'm counting these gifts to 1000....

226. a headache to slow me down and make me rest
227. the means to buy a car, even if we're stretched
228. a boy who will be able to drive himself to band and baseball and football
229. the minton family and their willingness to bring their grief to god
230. 22 years with my nephew
231. my girl, the one i mentor, she is teaching me faith
232. a funeral for my friend's dear, 87-year-old grandmother.
        i want to leave a legacy of faith like her....
233. my blogger friend, nic, who has returned home with her
        new son from ethiopia!
234. scripture, for it is god-breathed and useful
235. scripture, for it is living and active
236. my husband, who works to bring scripture
        to the 2100 language groups with no printed
        word of god

ann for 1000 gifts


  1. Hi Kendal. I was doing that on the weekend, looking for ways to turn things that bothered and irked me into blessings. It takes some trying but I'm starting to get the hang of it.
    Great post
    God bless

  2. Kendal,
    I think it's brave to cry...I certainly don't do it enough. Happy 4th my friend.

  3. I think your tears honored this man's pain.
    I also found today that my pain eased by giving thanks.

  4. what a great reminder that our perspective is the key. Love how you took difficult things and saw the thankfulness in them.

  5. tears for all who love your sweet nephew and for the father whose son has passed...praying all will let The Comforter heal their pain and feel deep joy in the midst of it.

  6. love how you turned this right around, how He turns our sorrows into joys. and oh, to have a spot on your gratitude list--my heart is spilling. thank you, friend.

  7. i know the boy and car..and paying for the gas. he's 16 and one thing i can be thankful for is it makes me pray more.
    praying for the silent one in the struggle..praying she find Him there and asks for help..calls you .. makes contact.
    headache gone hoping?

  8. Love this! One week, a particularly stretched one, I thought, "Oh I'll be novel and do a complaining list instead." As if. How quickly I forgot the beauty of counting the gratitude. Your turnarounds spoke beautifully.

  9. sometimes the gratefulness feels like grieving. like we have to birth the beauty from the pain.... that's what i feel from this post. and i'm praying for your girl... that made my eyes brim with tears. it's interesting how silence can shout the loudest of pain.

  10. love this: "i refuse to live under a pall of dark"
    hugs to you today!

  11. Your post of gratitude when things go wrong . . . reminds me of my favorite line from 1,000 gifts . . . giving thanks always preceeds the miracle.

    Waiting with you, for miracle upon miracle.


  12. Breathing prayer for the one who has gone silent.

  13. Well, hello there Kendal! Returning your visit. What a surprise to find my little link to 'the @' on your blog list Thanks very much!

    Your list of gratitude sounds like it came from a raw place in your life right now. I pray that this practice of a grateful heart will be as a soothing balm to your soul.

  14. You know, it's good to acknowledge the things that go wrong instead of just pushing them out of the way. Somehow, when I just try to ignore the things that are wrong, they end up consuming me on the inside. Somehow just bringing them to the light helps me put it all in perspective.

  15. I like the way you took the hard and turned it around to good.
    And it will be nice to have that extra driver in the home, I know from experience. I just called mine and asked him to bring home milk and bread :)
    Visiting from Jen's place

  16. I love your attitude, Kendal, and how you are bringing glory to God through your thankfulness.

    I think it's okay that you cried in front of visitors--you showed you were really listening. And I will pray for your girl and as you grieve over your nephew.

  17. Leaving a legacy of faith... what a wonderful gift that is! What a beautiful life she must have had! I hope your headache is feeling better now! :)